chapter 9

In this chapter, we will look at the four steps needed for the process of reconnecting to our timeline.

  1. REMEMBER- If it was the emotional disconnection that pulled the blocks out of our Jenga tower, then it will be the emotional reconnection that will secure them back in. For this step we need both good and bad memories. Ways to prime the pump..
  • ask the Holy Spirit to cause the right root level memories to surface. An entire season can be reconnected by just one of these memories.
  • use picture albums, year book, toys or gadgets from your childhood era..
  • ask a friend or relative about the memories they had of your life
  • use your five senses
  • find your track ie nature, weather, travel..

     2. FEEL- You need to feel and be engaged with the version of you not just acknowledge the existence as a point of data.

     3. OWN- For the many years we have worked hard to NOT be that person anymore, here we make a conscience admission of ownership. We make the shift from rejection to acceptance by inviting God into the process of ownership. The important element is in your choosing through partnership of emotion and will to reclaim ownership of your life. In order for the present to be complete, we need to embrace the whole story. Let's face it, the feeling and owning of a life lived at a distance can be heart wrenching. Being reconciled with God and yourself is huge. Savor that it is you!

     4. ANCHOR- This final step is a spiritual exercise to bring the structure of time back into alignment with its original design by anchoring 'you' back into your timeline, grounding it where it belongs.

  • proclaim the ownership of Jesus Christ over and above your personal ownership
  • ask God to take the event and everything it represents and to reconnect it where it belongs in your timeline
  • accept responsibility for our role even if we had no choice in the matter, by asking forgiveness for the damage caused in the first place
  • ask him to heal all damage done to your timeline at the spot where the memory was removed and to restore the original design and full integrity of the structure
  • ask him to reconnect the event to the rest of your life at that particular spot tying into the events on either side so that the flow is seamless
  • lastly, with his divine time, ask him to align the entire timeline. Pray for alignment and restoration

Be led by God through this process. Keep going until you sense peace and closure. He is the one who must reframe things for you by giving you the confidence and if not yet the proof that the Author of our story is neither crazy, cruel or careless. Can we trust him with the story of our lives?

Noticeable outcomes include:

  • more stability, confidence and emotional grounding
  • a stronger sense of peace in yourself and value in what God is doing in your life
  • direction and excitement
  • your relationship with God will grow and change


questions to explore

Having read the chapter, Reconnecting, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?

Although this process can be gut wrenching, I believe the Holy Spirit is a gentleman and creating more trauma is not what we want to do here. We grow in capacity to face things and when WE are ready, God can reveal more things. With this in mind... start with and stay with as long as needed good memories. Allow them to bubble up and savor them in every way possible. Can you share one here.

Describe a memory that you could feel and own.  What was it like for you to own it? Feel free to share a good memory.

As you go through these steps, what is the process like for you. Can you share a piece of it here?

Do you have something to share about this topic?

We would love to hear from you.

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