reconciliation with God

There are four seasons of reconciliation:

•March 10th to 30th is for Reconciliation with Community

•June 10th to 30th is for Reconciliation with Land

•September 10th to 30th is for Reconciliation with God

•December 10th to 30th is for Reconciliation with Our Destiny

We are now in the window of reconciliation with God as our focus.

The root issue in this season is the absence or silence of God when we need Him the most. Has anyone had a season like this? I am not a stranger to this one. Because of the breach it causes, this becomes the devil’s playing field for causing alienation from God when it was designed by God for a deep kind of reconciliation between us.

As the redemptive gift of prophet, with my vast array of emotional tendencies, this season once took me to the edge of despair. This abandonment I felt deeply, in an overwhelming way during past windows. The enemy had massively defiled this time.

The foundational principle here is that the times the enemy seeks to defile are the strategic times when God wants to release his greatest blessings. This window which was designed to be a season when it is the easiest for us to trust God, has now become the hardest.

May we step up and begin to sanctify this window of time every year until it is restored to its intended tidal wave power.

     how do we move forward in reconciliation with God?

As we say here at Sapphire, 'so what?' If truth doesn't have application to our daily life, even though it is profound truth, it becomes pointless.  So what is it we can do?

  • Deal with the curse on time (see Spiritual Warfare, a free audio download )
  • Confess sin personally, corporately for every group you are a part of, nationally, then globally, regarding the Body of Christ specifically and humanity as a whole.
  • Identify the social contracts you have tried to enforce on God and release them (see the free audio, Life Dominion and Honor for more info about this)
  • Lay down our right to be set free immediately and give over your right to ever know why Father is not answering.
  • Defiantly proclaim the faithfulness of God with your own glory stories
  • Ask the Father what reconciliation with Him looks like for you today.

There were times when I used my pain to define what I wanted from God and when I thought he should deliver it. What I have found, much to my dismay, is that God often resisted my demands. At first I couldn't comprehend this. After all, the bigger the tantrum the more attention I thought I should receive. What God has to offer is something of far greater value which might get ignored because He is not giving us what we think we have. We are focusing on the wrong thing.

The above steps can seem impossible in their own right, but I have had many seasons of practice.  Start small, but start. Some of us may have a small capacity for celebrating the joy and pain factor and how it is possible to bring them together.

To the degree that you can, begin to declare the faithfulness of God. The point is to attack the root of the issue which is the defilement of time because of the slander against God’s faithfulness.

After you have released God from any social contracts, and have invested in doing your part to sanctify time, ask Him about what is going on in your situation. Present the reality of your pain and your simple honest wish for Him to take it away. There isn't anything wrong with wanting to be set free from a current traumatic situation. If God remains absent and silent, simply ask Him how you are supposed to grow in trusting Him, in this season of His silence.

My growth through any season like this, usually comes in the way of perspective which begins to shift. And as it begins to shift, so do I. As I begin to rehearse God's promises, declaring his faithfulness, proclaiming his goodness and remembering the wonders he has done, I bow the knee and offer it up as worship. I leave it there and build on it. I lament a bit less and praise a bit more. Slowly, I dig out of my hole. Coming into agreement with God is powerful.

If you need a hand up, let me know. I have a lot of holes and a whole lot of practice. I have allowed God to fill them in and up with himself. He honors his word. He is faithful, even when I am not.

In light of a new development I have included an updated post by Arthur here:

lurch on abandonment

The whole concept of abandonment is never far from me these days as I pick at it from all sorts of different angles. Yesterday we got a HUGE lurch forward. I was exploring a particular facet of the structures with Megan, and she floated a trial balloon.

Jesus knew that His leaving the disciples would land with them as abandonment, even though it was not intended that way by Him. His solution to their feelings was to send the Holy Spirit. So Megan proposed that the presence of the Holy Spirit might factor into the whole healing from abandonment.
I raced to John 16 when we got off the phone and discovered that in verse 16, there are two VERY different Greek words translated by the same English word "see."

The implications are immense and confirm Megan's hypothesis. Then the Holy Spirit nudged me to look at David's penitential Psalm after Bathsheba. I remembered the phrase "Restore to me the joy of your salvation . . ." There was indeed some sparkle in the word "restore." But more to the point, the reference to the Spirit shouted there as well. AND the fact that translators differ widely on the translation of verse 12 says there is something to be considered there too.

So, exciting times. The package is getting more and more richly textured. Looking forward to the seminar, 'Healing from Abandonment Practicum' on October 1st.

September 2016

spiritual inspiration

The deepest level of worship is praising God inspite of the pain. Thanking God during the trials, trusting him when we are tempted to lose and loving him when he seems so distant and far away. At my lowest, God is my hope. At my darkest, God is my light. at my weakest, God is my strength. At my saddest, God is my comforter.

What does reconciliation with God look like for you?

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