chapter 6

What happens to our reality when our timeline becomes fragmented? When we disconnect from some part of our past experiences, could it skew our present reality?

Here are some indicators:

  • you may know a solid fact in your head but because your emotions are stuck in the past, they react unreasonably
  • you still seem emotionally distant from the 'me' in the past
  • my current reality is incomplete
  • there are hindrances and blocks relationally preventing a robust intimacy

In an emotional response to a situation we may think we are just isolating from the pain but in reality all of me in that time gets isolated, skewing other facets of reality.

On the positive side, just connecting to a good memory can create a dramatic lurch forward.

When you reconnect to time:

  • you can better navigate the process of life
  • your capacity to 'see' changes
  • material change happens to our visible reality when we reconnect with a significant piece of our past

questions to explore

Having read the chapter, Reality, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?

Can you think of an unresolved past experience that skewed your present reality?

What is the risk to our present reality when we leave a “block” out of the tower?

Can you identify any “blocks” where you have healed the trauma but kept your emotional distance?  Explore what might be missing from your reality now as a result. 

Have you an experience where your capacity to 'see' changed? An experience that felt more real than others?  Perhaps an encounter with God or an experience in nature, or some new revelation you received.  What made it different from the rest of your experiences?  Explore what that was like and how it impacted you.  

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