Reactive Virus now with understanding

by Sharon

When I first listened to this cd ( i listen to them very quickly the first time. And was still going wow.) I can remember feeling a bit disheartened after listening to this cd., Because I took in about the sergeant and thought, I could not do that or be that. And then there was the next one, a Virus. Without even thinking about it, I was thinking, I don't want to be that. Not because of what it stands for but because of the name given. But with reflection over a few weeks, I took it on with pride. I am a virus. And right now I think of verses like, I am not in this world but of it and this is not my home. Heaven is my home.. And so with a bounce in my step, I accept. :):)
Before now, I have always found it hard being the Virus because who likes to be rejected and the odd one out. But now that I have understand, I can remember to be on the right wave length....That being God's wave length and also too I am doing what He wants and He is also too my glory and lifter of my head..

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Feb 26, 2017
New perspective
by: Gayle

Sharon. I don't have the CDs . You know in my work place (medical profession) I always thought there was something wrong with me. Wow just think I could be a virus invading the darkness to bring out the treasures that are there. The love that is in me is a kind of virus invading the atmosphere everyday. That love virus can do amazing things.

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