questions to ponder

by lois

As you read through the portraits of the redemptive gifts that follow, consider the following questions.

•What motivates your heart?
•Does this gift seem to fit your natural tendency?
•Where do you come alive?
•What leaves you feeling drained?

Most can come up with a list of answers to those questions. There are tasks that we may be capable of doing, but it does not spur us on to want to do more. For a gift of prophet, the repetitive, structured, maintaining nature of being an accountant would be exhausting. For a servant, being in the spotlight, would be uncomfortable, maybe even nerve wracking.

Remember this is a process, so it takes many of us some time to discover our gift. But the journey is great fun as we discover our God given design.

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Aug 26, 2016
Pondering... Later
by: Denise

Somehow missed this post but want to come back to it later. I need to ponder these questions. I have a hard time still deciphering what's really me and what is woundedness... so even making a list can be hard, but pushing forward, I shall. Eventually.

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