by cvandz
(North Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Hey, I've listened to both the teachings and still have lots of questions. I'm been applying what I know and trying things even if I don't know what I'm doing, but one of my questions is:

Can you cleanse your timeline all at once?
Or does it have to be one day at a time? And how do you know?

Anybody know that? ;)

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Jul 09, 2016
cool ;)
by: cvandz

Cool. Sweet ;) Thanks for sharing ;) Thanks for sharing ;)

Jun 30, 2016
good questioning
by: lois

lots of questions? you and me both : )
i also 'apply what i know and take a shot at what i don't' allowing the Lord to teach me along the way.

i would imagine that question has as many answers as applications. i cleanse time daily and believe the following year will bear fruit on the timeline having santified it as holy to the Lord.

how do you know? fruit bearing is sometimes immediate and sometimes not. i always believe God is at work behind the scenes and sometimes what looks like a suddenly or lurch forward is actually the long obedience in the right direction, the thousand little steps finally taking affect!

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