Question - creation

by Sharon

I am not totally understanding the second point in the creation. Could you Lois or someone help me out here?

I get the reaping and sowing...

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Aug 01, 2016
Thanks Lois
by: Sharon

Thankyou Lois

Look forward to watching the video

Aug 01, 2016
natural law track 5
by: lois

A principle is a universal, non-optional cause and effect relationship operating completely outside of moral law and God’s intervention. (e.g. reaping and sowing)

sowing and reaping is an example of this process of natural law. created on the first day it relates to all, everyone, everywhere, whether you believe in them or not, whether you are a follower or a heathen. all creation is subject to the natural consequences of the obeying of or breaking of natural law. (intentionally or unintentionally) we are called to study the principles of natural law and apply them. most Christians are heavy on the power of God not the principles. we need both.

the five authority structures that contain these principles are:
*marriage *parenting *civil government * religious government *business

this is an excellent video by Arthur called, 'Supernatural vs. Principles.'

let me know if this helps.

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