We are all on a journey. Depressed? So be it. We grow by beginning wherever we are. PTSD is a teaching that is full of new beginnings for good, bad and in between days. There are countless tools to change your brain, your emotions and your spirit.

Find out why self-medicating can be a powerful tool and how you can find more value in escapism than you do by looking at your environment and finding resources that are intentional and productive rather than toxic. We can choose.

PTSD like many other teachings is a celebration of restoring dignity and hope. That was the beginning point and foundational blessing for me. From there I am able to grow.

The last two cd’s contain 20 tracks for blessing your spirit and blessing your journey. It is like creating a landing pad all its own for the nurture that is needed to go forward.

If you have been feeling powerless as random feelings emerge to control you, than this tool is for you especially as you learn to make the choices to restore order to your inner world.

                                    excerpt from PTSD 

CD 6.1

Spirit, I call you to the front to step in front of the human soul to receive this blessing for yourself. I bless you today with the dignity of celebrating the fact that you are different from the soul and from the body. The fact that the body may be wounded, the fact that the soul may be dysfunctional in some areas doesn’t mean you are.

You walk life on a different track. You are not a cripple. You the spirit don’t walk in PTSD although that label has been spoken broadly. You the spirit in fact is carrying a tremendous treasure because in the beginning of your existence God formed you with knowledge of the life that you would live.

He crafted you for success. He crafted you to be the single most dynamic part of the life that you are now living. You carry the treasure in heaven that can heal the woundedness of the soul, the woundedness in the body.

I encourage you to strip off yourself all of the labels placed on you from any direction, any aspect, and realize what happens to the soul happens or to the body is not the same as who you are. You are a magnificent treasure and I celebrate who you are.

You are not a cripple you are an asset.

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