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Welcome to the sapphire product review page where you will find valuable tools of information and recommendations of products sold in our store. Each product comes with an excerpt from the teaching to give you an even better idea of what it is about. 

sapphire product reviews

what people are saying...

 This is for me...

A breath of fresh air...

A lifegiving family of believers...

A haven exploding with wisdom and truth...

A safe place to unshackle from the bondage of religiosity... Joan Westaway 

Arthur's teachings have reached in and woken up my sleeping terrified spirit. Thanks to Arthur's exploration and theology of our spirit relationship with the Trinity,  i feel not only closer to God , but also understand and love myself, connecting me to God in a way I never knew possible...Sue Hinchey

I am so blessed by Arthur's work and wisdom and practicality.... The redemptive gifts understanding has helped me to stop beating myself up for being different; the nurturing the spirit, series opened new horizons of self diagnosis and help for myself and others and the MRI of Fathering !. WOW! I just love to share this one with people who have never heard of Arthur or inner healing or new ways of thinking...Beryl Chester

I have been around feeding from the best and still was not growing as I should. Enter Sapphire Leadership Group. The stirring inside me was proof enough to know I was on the right track. Haven't looked back except to see how far I have come...Lillian Rose 

list of products reviewed

Podcasts - We focus on the niche insights coming from our lab that you can’t find anywhere else.

Developing Discernment - We are all designed by God with discernment  There is no lack, just a matter of unpacking it.

Fractal of Two: Adrenals & Kidneys - This album explores the fractal of two through the grid of the adrenals and kidneys, then presents a significant series of blessings for them.

Blessings of Job - It is about God’s deep desire to reveal himself to us in a transformational manner.

Pure Joy! - This book provides parenting tips and blessings of joy which will impact your children's spirit and soul, and affect the emotional climate of your home.

A Hard Life - is a ruthlessly honest look at the reality of our walk with God.

Accessing Intimacy with God - If you find it difficult to connect with God intimately, this album is for you.

Blessing Your Spirit - Daily blessings designed to legitimize your spirit and to speak to your spirit about the Father

Birthright - The bulk of this study is of real people making real choices that led them to that wonderful place of possessing their birthright.

Redemptive Gifts of Individuals - This teaching not only identifies your core design, but it also shows you the central issue you will have to overcome, the primary principle that you will use to do that, and the birth right that you need to pursue.

New Spiritual Authority: Intimacy - You will find one of the most basic, hands on, daily use teaching in this album. It gives a confidence to develop healthy relationships and boundaries using specific tools that do work.

Nurturing Your Spirit Basic Seminar- The human spirit was designed by God to play a central role in your life. Learn the vital skill of legitimizing and nurturing your spirit through this step by step process.

Developing Your Spirit - How large is your spirit? How much of your spirit's potential has not yet been developed and released? Developing your spirit is not optional if you want to enlarge and grow our God given human spirit.

Trauma Bonds To Time- Have you or someone you know been through a massive amount of personal ministry for a known trauma, but still see no movement? If you answered yes, this tool is well worth exploring.

The Seven Curses and Blessings- This album looks in detail at the root causes for the open door which allows the devil to devour so much, in so many different ways

Ministering to Babies in the Womb- The net result of incorporating these tools into your prenatal lifestyle will benefit your child for the rest of his or her life!

Blessing Your Soul- Your soul is designed to team extensively with your spirit, not to be at war with it. This book, Blessing Your Soul is a collection of 96 portraits of the soul in action.

Tools for Cleansing Time and Land- There is a particular kind of defilement that not only corrupts time and land but ties you to the defilement on the land. This message explores the dynamics of that kind of defilement as well as giving step by step tools for releasing yourself and others from such control.

Your Health & the Redemptive Gifts- Your Health and the Redemptive Gifts reveals the heart of a true researcher in which Arthur is uncovering many truths, opening many doors.

Walking in Sonship- We have to change in our spirit to walking in sonship before we are going to be effective in releasing God’s power.

Relentless Generational Blessings- One of the finest gifts you can give to your children is the powerful force of generational blessings pursuing them.

Fighting Futility- This set of prayers and blessings comes from my life's battle. From my place on the other side of this war, I extend a hand to those of you still fighting.

PTSD- This like many other teachings is a celebration of restoring dignity and hope.

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Blessing Your Spirit 
This beautiful book has been a source of great refreshing and revitalization for our church-based healing prayer group. Often we feel alone in our ministry, …

Accessing Intimacy with God.  
I am SO enjoying Arthur's CDs. He describes me- for years I've longed for intimacy, but haven't said so very often, as folk who find it easy just don't …

blessing your spirit review 
i was handed this book at a time of great upheavel and nothing I did was able to ground me. the best way these blessings landed for me was when someone …

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