priorities and building cd-6

This last CD will cover some basic principles of priorities and building.

Issue of foundation: Abraham wanted a family, God a nation. He had what he needed to build a family. He did not have what it takes to build a nation. That took time, a long time.

• What is the foundation for your project? It is YOU.
• If you struggle with age, perhaps God has a bigger building in mind.
• Don’t curse your timeline. Every tree has its season. Don’t start something you are not ready for.

Work for design not need. Jesus knew who he was and his purpose in taking the eleven to fulfil their destiny.

• You can be led down so many wrong paths because of your compassion.
• Fulfilment comes from working in the area of your design.
• When we know our design, it enables us to run the race, moving from the joy of who God made us to be.

You have a bicycle shop and a shed

• Don’t let your bicycle shop consume you.
• Keep investing in your treasure by building your shed.

Social contracts: A plan that someone else makes for your life that you don’t agree to.

• An example is, ‘If you are in pain, I have a moral obligation to relieve you of your pain.’
• To know who you are, and what your niche is and to resist the social contracts people create for you is hard work.

Growing Your Team: the story of Paul and Barnabus. Two completely different frames. John Mark was not right for Paul.

• The issue of outgrowing people, especially your mentor is a challenging one.
• Do not be unwilling to release someone if they are not thriving here. There is a right place somewhere else.
• As you build, be very honest about the capacity around you.
• Don’t let debt of gratitude keep someone in the wrong place. Have that hard conversation. ‘Let me work with you to find.

You and Your View of You: Psalm 45:4 In your majesty, ride forth prosperously.

• Indicating a business plan going forward.
• The nature of the glory of God in you.
• Walk in who you are without need of the culture’s permission or approval of what is in your shed.

priestly prayer

Father, as a priest I pray for every individual here who has been taught to be concerned about or afraid of the glory of God in them. For every individual who directly or indirectly has been diminished because they have believed that God has called them to do something, and there is an anointing on them. Father, strip away the rubbish.

As you move through the culture, we come into agreement according to Psalm 50, that you gather heaven and earth as witnesses as you come into agreement with us. That the grace you have for each individual is good. The flavor of the color of your nature given to this one and that one is good.
Father, we come into agreement, as you strip away defilement of diminishing the grace you have given us, let all of nature in heaven and on earth rejoice in the color of your grace so that out of our innermost beings will flow the life of God mingled with the skills of our spirit and soul to minister to a needy world.

As we come into agreement with the goodness of the colors of your love that you have placed in us, and the particular flavor of anointing that you have put on us, that the plans will go forward, there will be progress, and that a transformation will come about.
We will be those noble subjects who are skilled and are able to synchronize with those unique moments in history to change world history.

We acknowledge this picture is too large for us to grasp.

questions to explore

Fulfilment comes from working in the area of your design not need. Can you give an example from your life of working out of design, and or working out of need.

How has this series encouraged you or brought you clarity to move forward?

After listening to this series, how will you partner with God in the following weeks? Do you need a buddy to join you? Just ask.

Are you interested in doing another study group? Feedback appreciated. Thanks everyone.

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