Prayers for Generational Deliverance - 2015 Edition

because there is always more to learn

because there is always more to learn

At Aslan’s Place, we’re finding that more and more people are eager enter into the freedom and healing that God has for them. At the same time, entering this freedom means exercising the authority we have through Jesus Christ.

But where do we start?

How do we pray in order to clear out the consequences of sin in our lives and our generational line?

Every time we gather for prayer ministry and public events, God teaches us more about the inner workings of His kingdom. God also reveals more and more about tactics the enemy uses to trap us in bondage. As we learn, we test this revelation against the Bible and also assemble prayers that demonstrate what we've learned.

The prayers provided in this book have been developed during Bible studies, prayer sessions and through revelation. It is our hope that they will help provide starting points as you work out your freedom through Christ.

We encourage you to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit as you pray. There is always more to learn!

Prayers for Generational Deliverance - 2015 contains nine prayers not available in previous editions

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