Prayer Request

(Yvette Norgren)

Im asking for your prayer support.
I'm in my 6th year of kidney failure on home dialysis while working/ministering as a naturopath. Kidney failure dx age 17, ? inherited from mum. I have been pushing in for healing and freedom forever it seems :)
Victory is progressive thank Jesus!!
Still though I have night attacks, struggling physically, just want to die, aware of AHS influence, masonic from mums side 4 gens back....
Presently investigating and seeking release from these!!!!
Do you have some insight which can help me? Perhaps a key I'm missing?
Much love and immence gratitude for your faithfulness :)
Bless you team!!
Yvette Norgren

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Prayer For Richard Dawkins & Madonna

Hi Sapphire Connection Readers,

My wife and I were praying recently regarding 'strategic' people akin to the Apostle Paul who we could pray into the Kingdom and received words regarding Richard Dawkins and Madonna. Our insight was that they weren't meant to be enemies of God but, like Saul of Tarsus, could be transformed by a visitation from Christ.

So, I wanted to put it out there to this community to join us in praying for three things (though let the Spirit lead).

1. Salvation, in particular I believe, by a visitation from Jesus.
2. Help to undo the evil they've brought into the world.
3. Help to build something life-giving for God before they pass away.

I don't believe this moves into a witchcraft form of prayer, but if you believe it does please ignore and pray as you see is righteousness.

Here's to much transformation!

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Please pray for Poland, Church in North America and our service to the God

by Edmund Krzeminski
(Zielonka, Poland)

King James Bible Ezekiel 22:30 "And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none."
O God, please help us and teach us to build the wall around the USA, Canada and Poland.

Are you ready to stand in the gap, where God is the Helper and Teacher?

Please pray to overcome for:
0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ,
0. Church in the USA - Matt. 3.12 "Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire."

1. stirring up the ministry to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel - "..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24.15
2. God's will and wisdom for me and my family; I ask God for the great wisdom in school for Daniel,working for Edmund, Dorothy, Peter (also God's direction for his life) and Ann( Ann needs husband),
3. God's order in my work. I ask God for the great wisdom at my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses.

Thank God for the continuation of my work.
Edmund Krzeminski

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Please pray for my family

by Jan

Please pray for one daughter, Erika, who lost a leg (diabetes compliations) and is not doing well with her rehabilitation and isn't wanting to speak to her father. This could be depression-related to her new situation.

Pray for another daughter, Stephanie, who has MS and continues to work full time. She has a possibility of getting a promotion. Pray that she will learn to delegate on the job so that she can continue to work and maintain her independence as she wants to do.

Pray for my husband, Bruce, who has chronic pain from 3 back surgeries and onset fibromyalgia pain from the injuries as well as the surgeries. He is drinking to control his pain as has had a bleeding ulcer of the past and cannot take the pill-form medications without extreme stomach problems (throwing up and stomach pain with the drugs). His use of alcohol is a catch-22, but it has adverse effects on his personality and he is missing a lot of quality life activities because of some negative thinking.

I thank you for your prayers.


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Blessing and prayer request

by Sophia Auld
(Cooroy, QLD)

I have been so blessed to discover Arthur's teachings, and to find that I am perhaps not crazy, nor am I the only person who is fascinated by the brain, the Spirit and the way the life of God works and interfaces with our body to create or to destroy health.

It would seem that I have been speaking a Mac language in a PC world, what a wonderful revelation! Bless you all at Sapphire as you wrestle to know Him more deeply and help others along the journey.

I would appreciate prayer for guidance and clarity, as I feel God is leading me in a new career direction, but I am fearful regarding finances and trusting God fully. I struggle with restlessness and confusion about my calling, and drive my husband crazy with my changes of mind and barrage of new ideas about what I would like to pursue.

Thank you and God bless you heaps!

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Healing for head pain

by Joyce McLain
(Jonesville, MI USA)

I have had migraines since I fell from the car at age three.I have been to a professional therapist, chiropractor, medical doctor, pain clinic with pain blocking shots; massage, MRI, deliverance minister, Elijah House ministers (1998 for full healing, and about 2010 for a visit), etc. there are bulging discs between 5-6 and 6-7 in my neck with two bone spurs.

the past few years it has been much worse, with constant head pain. My jaw hurts (have a TMJ apparatus, which makes it somewhat better, but not gone. Sometimes I feel dizzy, like yesterday just walking through the room. I think the bone spur is pinching a nerve. I had a pain blocking shot in the nerve a month ago.

I have bone in the underside of my teeth at the bottom of my mouth. This was caused from stress. I resigned from the board I was on, hoping it would help. I was still connected with the board as a few members went into the crisis pregnancy center and prayed to cleanse it. My friend became president and cleaned up the mess with the director, who had to be fired. My friend and I are still friends and are in a Bible study together. This is a shortened version, but I feel like the enemy has been trying to kill me off for years.

My husband and I do inner healing and deliverance (20 years now), and enjoy our clients for the time that we see them (usually three months). I am in a local Bible study with friends and that is going well (doing Hosting the Presence by Bill Johnson). We are involved with church and teaching there from time to time. I am also in an online prayer group with some Europeans (I am from Michigan USA), and I love that so much.

I know that my daughter in law has been cursing me for years and wonder if that is at the bottom of this. It is not just me that she does this to. Those are the stresses in my life. I have forgiven her, but every time I see her she falsely accuses me of something, as she does others. I have even prayed the Victim Spirit prayers by Arthur.

thank you for any help you can give. Joyce McLain

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Prayer for my parents please

by Louisa
(South Africa )

My parents are hardworking tithing people but for the last couple of years they barely make ends meet. I have prayed over their finances prayed over the land and time But I really need help praying for them! Will you please help me pray for strategy?
Love and blessings
Louisa van der Merwe

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