Prayer For Richard Dawkins & Madonna

Hi Sapphire Connection Readers,

My wife and I were praying recently regarding 'strategic' people akin to the Apostle Paul who we could pray into the Kingdom and received words regarding Richard Dawkins and Madonna. Our insight was that they weren't meant to be enemies of God but, like Saul of Tarsus, could be transformed by a visitation from Christ.

So, I wanted to put it out there to this community to join us in praying for three things (though let the Spirit lead).

1. Salvation, in particular I believe, by a visitation from Jesus.
2. Help to undo the evil they've brought into the world.
3. Help to build something life-giving for God before they pass away.

I don't believe this moves into a witchcraft form of prayer, but if you believe it does please ignore and pray as you see is righteousness.

Here's to much transformation!

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Jan 27, 2018
Richard Dawkins
by: Julia

I have been led to pray for Richard Dawkins over several years now without any particular reason so I was excited to see your comment.There is definitely something God has for him.
I will continue to bless his spirit

Jan 27, 2018
by: lois

interesting.. over the years i have prayed for Anthony Hopkins. really, who can play CS Lewis and then Hannibal Lecter?? he also wrote the most beautiful piece of music, 'And The Waltz Goes On' that André Rieu played in his concert with him present. i was moved to tears. i just saw this man and his God given gifts and prayed away.

anyway, i never had a chance to talk about that moment. i had a friend who prayed for Shirley Maclaine.

so thank you, this does matter and i am glad you posted here,

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