Prayer for my parents please

by Louisa
(South Africa )

My parents are hardworking tithing people but for the last couple of years they barely make ends meet. I have prayed over their finances prayed over the land and time But I really need help praying for them! Will you please help me pray for strategy?
Love and blessings
Louisa van der Merwe

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Apr 19, 2018
by: lois

there are many free resources on the SLG site. i will pray and stand with you, Louisa, that God will give you the discernment you need as it is not in his heart that there be a devouring and certainly does not leave us powerless.

i bless you with eyes to see what you haven't before. that the answers you seek would cause you to see a bigger view of God and unpack the treasures in you all.

Apr 20, 2018
Thankful for the prayers
by: Louisa

Good day Lois! I feel better already thinking others will stand with me in prayer! Thank you so much I will certainly take your notes to heart! I have also been asking God to show and will be still and believe Him in answer. I have noticed even if you worked through all the prayers and tools you have, God have an Agenda of His own and I need to believe Him for the right answer.
Thank you so much
Be blessed

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