practice anticipating, participating and savoring

by lois

i am glad that i have learned the art of 'enjoying my and others joy'. (taught on the album, Office of Personhood)

when i am in pain, like this morning, i tend to look at the snapshot of my life and my thinking becomes very small. all about me and my pain. but when someone interrupts that pain because it is their birthday and they are bouncing because they have the day off and they are happy, i can zoom out fairly quickly to the bigger picture and be happy with that other person. savoring their joy, anticipating their fun day and knowing i can participate more fully when we get together to celebrate this one's birthday on the weekend. that is one snippet of how this works for me.

this, in turn, can help me refocus on where i am at presently. yes, in pain, but a part of something much bigger that includes others and not just me in my own little world. i can further reach out and practice anticipating, participating and savoring my interactions with them being thankful that i am not alone. God and others are always glad to be with me.

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Mar 25, 2018
one day at a time..
by: lois

it's my favorite Arthurism, Jane. life does NOT have to be right for it to be good. thank God. and thank you always for your kind words.

Mar 23, 2018
Right or good
by: Jane

I am so sorry to hear that there was pain in your day, dear Lois. The reality is harsh. But I want to applaud your tenacity to rise above it. It sounds like you do it with grace and land back into your joy spot so quickly! I love the threesome of and But anticipating, participating and savouring. It reminded me of Arthur's saying (I think), that life does not have to be right to be good.
Blessing you with more and more joy as you rise and rise into everything Papa has for you
Love Jane

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