Potpourri Designs from Warriewood NSW

So thanks to a dear friend's shoulder, I was able to nut out things a bit further and prompted to go back and listen to Arthur's original c.d.'s on Redemptive Gifts (I have for many years tried to figure out my design). Same friend suggested (a while ago) I may be Prophet, but think I was listening to Mercy, Servant, Giver, etc., everything BUT Prophet. IT SOOOO LANDED, sorry but want to shout it from the roof tops!. Arthur's language for behavioural characteristics, design, the what/why/how we do things was like he was my best friend and describing my personality to a T. What was mind-blowing was that it wasn't just SOME of what he said, but about 95% of what he described. Funny how I hadn't seen it before? God's timing...Truly amazing.
I'm now revisiting as much of my past as I can to view it through different reading glasses... it'll take time I know, but WOW, do I feel so different from a week ago? more normal, more me

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Sep 10, 2017
Your light shining
by: Shazzzzzzz

Dear Potpourri Designs from Warriewood,

I can feel your new light shining through:) so breath taking.

I really enjoyed doing the study on RG but never brought the cds. I learn so much just from Lois writings, but I am now sold on buying the set. At the time that was enough for me to take in and apply. But now so ready for more and deeper.

You should write a review up, if you have not already, about the RG. You sold me into buying them with the little you wrote. Thanks.

It has been around 30 years since I have been to Warriewood. But what a lovely place you live:)

Sep 09, 2017
in conclusion..
by: lois

what i am hearing from this conversation is:

putting language to something changes everything

validating our design is powerful

perspective enables us to see something in a new way

i am so encouraged and blessed listening in to this dialogue!

Sep 08, 2017
Let God be your building block
by: potpourrilife@warriewood

How funny Shazzzz, I have a 'Teacher' husband too and 25 years of me going 'oh let's do this'... and a million other things which his logical rational brain just didn't get, leading to a million frustrating conversations, and so on. It's now so lovely to see myself in a different light...SO NORMAL... on the c.d. Arthur talks about Prophet's having the largest range of emotions (sooo me) of all the gifts, and how sad it is when a wounded Prophet ends up operating out of a narrow range (I used to be mute, and I've been wondering why I now talk so much, too funny). All that crying now makes some sense. Arthur also talks about the 3 'general' designs - the visionaries, the implementers, and the maintainers, and how maintaining is anathema to the soul of a Prophet - when the old me was in a 'maintaining' role, my spirit just died, and I thought I was being lazy or rebellious.....soooo lovely to now know that just ISN'T my design. Praise God and THANKYOU Arthur for putting words to stuff. Along with what Megan is now framing with words, my past is looking a whole lot different!

Sep 06, 2017
by: Shazzzzzzz

I know what you mean by realising who you are. So exciting.

Look forward to seeing your posts in a new light you now walk in. I can remember reading post before where you were not sure and over the months have wondered about yourself and your RG gifting.

I am only a short way down the track of realise my RG gifting and accepting and walking in it. And what a difference it made. I too am a prophet. I can now joke about some of my down falls. Eg having to bite my fingers to stop myself from talking to actual listen to what someone else is saying. But for me one of the exciting things is realising the no fear of doing things. I often have had my children make me feel guilty for being so forward, those who are not prophets anyway. And now also too I don't get annoyed when a non prophet asks me to do something they find scary. Can let some grudges go concerning my teacher husband.:):):)

Sep 06, 2017
exploring your design
by: Anonymous

Thanks Julia, yes I can so easily see everybody else's gifts but so good at beating up on myself (another Prophet tendency), so walking with a little more ease and spring in my step :)

Sep 06, 2017
Celebrating with you
by: Julia

So thrilled to hear you have found yourself. It really does feel like that doesn't it? To suddenly know and accept who God made you to be. I bless you with a joy filled journey to know the you that God created uniquely - a very special person with a very special purpose to fulfil.

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