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Language like 'walking out my calling' or 'is it at odds with my design or current life', 'my sense of destiny is between me and God'.... trouble is I have no idea who I am, what my design is, what my calling is, what my destiny is... when I ponder these things it all just comes up blank. Maybe I'm at the other end of the ladder...I cry easily and when I dig deeper at those times I often find it relating to something in my past, so I'm wondering if ... it's not that i'm disconnected to my past, but rather that I've brought the past with me... maybe it's why I have trouble living in the moment...I tend to worry about tomorrow, next week, next year... what am I 'supposed to be doing'. I don't recall any favourite things, any special happy memories so i'm having trouble finding a step or platform to come back to, to build from

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Aug 31, 2017
no easy answers...
by: lois

thank you for your raw honesty of where you are at. or if I dare say, where you think you are at. because, i see you a whole lot more down the track than perhaps you are giving yourself credit for. i so look forward to catching up with you because you are SO life giving to me. it is like sitting at your feet and gleaning from your unique way of walking with God. in saying that i do validate what you have said here. but i don't want to take away what someone on the outside looking in sees. your spirit is such a rich tapestry of where you have walked and is unfolding in a timely and authentic way. emphasis on authentic!

i too bounce back to relating to what you are saying about

"...I tend to worry about tomorrow, next week, next year... what am I 'supposed to be doing'."

boredom scares me. and i am navigating my way thru when the panic hits, cuz it still does hit. about just that thing..am i supposed to be doing something. and i do get the 'being' thing as THE most important, a sequence if you will but doing IS also important to me.

i'm glad we are in this together, dear friend.

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