Potpourri Designs from Warriewood NSW

Definitely working on unpacking my design, much more honouring to God and me than need. For most of my life I thought my rg was Mercy or Servant or both, and only in recent years had the realisation that was a carnal need coming from my family, and looking back on all the years operating like I was in a weak place. I literally felt weak, powerless, unworthy and pathetic. These days, even though I'm not convinced of my rg yet, I feel most strong and good about myself when I allow myself to speak my mind...more rg Prophet? Don't LOVE cleaning, but like it when I've finished - I'm a 'product' person.. don't enjoy the process of things, but love the end result, and I want to get to it FAST! Like riding a bike more than walking; one-pot dinners more than bits and pieces and all that fiddling that comes with a complicated recipe; even reading a book - I have to read it straight through as I want to get to the end.
Don't know what this all means, just observing myself

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Jan 19, 2017
design vs need
by: potpourrilife@warriewood

Thanks Angela, yes for quite a few years a few years ago I always felt Ruler was a better fit but used to end up frustrated with this desire to build and build but not having the right resources... will have another listen as maybe a timing thing.
blessings to you

Jan 19, 2017
by: lois

i appreciated your first line-

'Definitely working on unpacking my design, much more honouring to God and me than need.'

and usually it is in hindsight that we figure that out. how need drains, ultimately. and what would it have been like if we actually had a choice in the matter way back when?

here's to us late bloomers.

: )

Jan 18, 2017
Thanks for sharing
by: Angela

You are on a fun journey. You sound like someone driven by results who enjoys the end result more than the process. A bottom line person. Perhaps impatient? This whole thing is a process so very challenging right now. Have you looked at Ruler?
Keep taking notes of how you respond to people. Yes Prophet RG is also a possibility if you feel very intense? Blessings to you on your journey.

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