Potpourri Designs from Warriewood NSW

by Sue H
(Warriewood NSW)

Wonderful words...."It is time to move past the grief to excitement.

This is our season....

'not all who wander are lost.'...


Using our design, there is a dozen different directions to go....

In this season our job is to build according to our passion, to discover the resources he placed in us and unpack that and find where we
fit. .......

Do not let anyone trash the fire God has put in you. Walk it out with or without legitimacy. Come into agreement that the treasure placed within you by God is good. Build that shed behind your shop, pursue your design."

I feel like this is the season of operating outside the box... for so long 'church' has felt like a box... rigid walls, straight lines...but God made us all so unique, so special, with different curves, we can't fully honour Him and all He has created us to be if we just limit ourselves to operating inside the box. He's bigger than that. I don't know where I'm headed or why, but I like what I'm becoming and I don't believe He expects us to be limited by the four walls of a box.

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Aug 06, 2019
Crossing the Jordan
by: Margot from Horsfield Bay NSW

Hi, the rigid Moses church is being left in the wilderness with all those who died - not seeing the promised land.
The Joshua generation, including us oldies, has crossed the Jordan and are flexible in our thinking to take on the giants. Listening and obeying the voice of the one who first loved us, and that we love, is the key to bringing the kingdom on earth.

Nov 27, 2016
God IS bigger than all that
by: Anonymous

Well said, 'I like what I am becoming'. That would make a really good meme! From that, your becoming, the life of God flows. Very insightful.

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