pondering testing

by lois

i have been pondering the idea of testing and the way God tests us. i just don't see a pass-fail. i think perhaps he grades us more on a curve. i have many bad memories of a red marked F across a test from school days signifying YOU FAILED. there is no redemption in that kind of mark. nothing in me wants to do better.

when i 'fail a test,' i sense God sitting with me and reviewing it together in a gentle, kind way. 'here is where you could have done better or because of this lie you lost your way.' dialogue, people. lots of dialogue. He is a champ at it. giving hope to our screw-ups, guiding us another way.

we get to rock-solid responses by process. by allowing in the tender heart God has to champion us toward living more from our heart and less from our hurt.

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Oct 25, 2019
Knowing His voice
by: Anonymous

Very true Lois, hearing Him call us by name in it all. Hearing his voice is still my biggest challenge - especially when I am asked to fast. Is this God talking or my religious spirit trying to get Brownie points??? Father God help me pass this test please! Clarity in it all.

Oct 25, 2019
by: lois

i appreciate your honesty. hearing his voice has more translated into knowing his heart toward me.

i can relate to your example you used, 'fasitng.' i remember a time of crisis when i thought i was being led to fast (for me i was playing my discipline card). i heard the Lord say,

'Why don't we instead share communion."

for me that was too easy. difficult times call for difficult measures, do they not? not always.

God was teaching me to do things from a position of rest and not fighting warrior mode that again was my strength.

i can't focus on passing a test. in real life i would freeze up and usually fail. God is more interested in our relationship and leaning into enjoying one another, than getting it right.

i hope this helps. and i bless you in your wonderful endeavour and may you find what pleases the Lord in every circumstance you face.

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