Please pray for my family

by Jan

Please pray for one daughter, Erika, who lost a leg (diabetes compliations) and is not doing well with her rehabilitation and isn't wanting to speak to her father. This could be depression-related to her new situation.

Pray for another daughter, Stephanie, who has MS and continues to work full time. She has a possibility of getting a promotion. Pray that she will learn to delegate on the job so that she can continue to work and maintain her independence as she wants to do.

Pray for my husband, Bruce, who has chronic pain from 3 back surgeries and onset fibromyalgia pain from the injuries as well as the surgeries. He is drinking to control his pain as has had a bleeding ulcer of the past and cannot take the pill-form medications without extreme stomach problems (throwing up and stomach pain with the drugs). His use of alcohol is a catch-22, but it has adverse effects on his personality and he is missing a lot of quality life activities because of some negative thinking.

I thank you for your prayers.


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Dec 09, 2016
Family Prayer
by: Anonymous

Father, we ask for your perspective in this time of need. You know the past and the present pain and everything that has happened that has led up to this point.

We know you move toward darkness, toward the messy areas of our lives. We can find you there. You are not far off. Give Jan the stamina she needs for the daily grind, may she find beauty in her day to offset this burden.

Do what you do best, Lord. Your heart is good toward your children. Repair, heal, restore..We can ask for what we think we need but we ask for what you want to give in this household.

Speak the truth of who you are. We worship you, AMEN

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