Others First For Now

by Drew Jarrod
(Hayfield, MN, USA)

I'm thinking that Jesus wants us all to live our lives here, not for our own personal gain and benefit, but for the personal gain and benefit of others. Erin has been trying to teach the boys “The first will be last and the last will be first.” I’m not so sure Jesus wanted to die on a cross. In fact, I’m positive he didn’t want to. And I’m not so sure he wanted to spend all his free time with people. People are needy and they were always hanging on him, draining him of his energy and power. He did these things because he was obedient to what his Dad asked him to do. I’m sure Jesus gets to live for himself now that he is in heaven. Maybe we, too, should live for others here now, and wait to live for ourselves until we find ourselves in the new earth?

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