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Welcome to the Office of Personhood study group.

When you were growing up, were you an asset, a liability or were you a child?
Let’s say you grew up in a home where you were valued for your musical, educational or sports ability. How might that impact your life? Could the value placed on a particular skill set reduce you to the level of a commodity and not a person?

A commodity is defined as something that has value for what it produces.

Without being valued as a child you cannot enter into the office of personhood. If you didn’t enter into the office of personhood, then there are other offices you have not been able to enter like that of son or daughter, man or woman and husband and wife.

On this album, we will be addressing this widespread problem and the profound consequences that of being a commodity. We will be exploring the ways of going back through the foundational offices and correcting the gross neglect that cripples our ability to be in the advanced offices of adulthood and the Kingdom.

The good news is in the exploring of an equally thorough game plan to heal this problem in adulthood.

 office of personhood: the plan 

I will be posting an overview of the material, and a few prompts, to help us focus here on this site. There will be a link on this page that says, the teaching we will be studying. You just click on that link below to read and share your comments and insights. 

Some answers to your questions:

  • there is no place to actually sign up
  • it is not time zone sensitive
  • there is no cost (you can shout me a latte)
  • this IS interactive
  • you can show up in your pyjamas as there is no webcam

Do pray with me, blessing this place and each other with eyes to see what we haven’t before. There is enough material in this one teaching to be implemented over and over again. It is a crucial piece in our understanding of sonship. The outcome is always a treasure. May we embrace the journey of unpacking with much celebration and release of joy along the way.

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 study notes 

the problem cd-1

developing personhood cd-2

repairing personhood cd-3

office of sonship cd-4

regaining sonship cd-5

office of man or woman cd-6

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