new spiritual authority: intimacy

The key to spiritual authority in the Ruler season was unity. In the Mercy season the key is intimacy. You will find one of the most basic, hands on, daily use teaching in this album, new spiritual authority: intimacy. It is one that many have gone back to over and over again. It has given me a confidence to develop healthy relationships and boundaries using specific tools that do work.

Intimacy can be a treasure or a destructive force. Because it has so often become a trap, there are many people who are afraid of allowing intimacy in any social setting, resulting in a great shallowness in our communities.

Three different facets of intimacy are explored in this teaching. First is how to control intimacy. Depending  on the social setting required, you will discover how to dial intimacy up or down. It removes a measure of risk when there is a "throttle" which you can use.

Second, it explores the core characteristics of our soul: belongingness, worth and competence. Those need to be in place for us to walk in intimacy. This album takes a long look at both the normal development and the way God heals us when we are lacking one of those three areas.

Finally, we explore why intimacy with God and with the community is the key to our spiritual authority in the Mercy season.

excerpt from this teaching

CD 1.1 Introduction

Plumbline ministries was birthed in May of 1994, the birth was inauspicious. It was a very vague beginning. We had nothing so grandiose as either vision or structure. We were just a bunch of life-givers that decided thought we needed a name just for fun. God apparently had bigger ideas than we had back then because over the past ten years the vision has been distilled we have a little bit of structure and we have a clear picture of who we are and what we are supposed to be accomplishing on this season of ministry. The picture of plumbline at present is of a tree, the tap root is the father heart of god that is the teaching we refer to more than any other that is what we measure everything we teach against. Out of that taproot comes the trunk and the trunk is an understanding of our identity as a reflection of the taproot of who God is. The three main branches at present are understanding our legitimacy, our walking in freedom in the spiritual realm, then brining our spirit in proper alignment so that our spirit is over the soul. The fruit on the tree is each person possessing their birthright.

Our identity teaching began with the understanding of the seven redemptive gifts. These gifts apply to individuals, communities, businesses and just recently we discovered that seasons of time are marked by these redemptive gifts. As we move further down the trunk we have more recently begun to deal with gender issues consolidating the seven into two and focusing more tightly on how male and female are designed by God, how they stand individually before God and how those individual identities of gender are supposed to blend together for godly purposes.

Today we want to take it one step further down the trunk to the core issues of identity that even transcend gender characteristics that are common to everyone. Very simply we are made in the image of God which means that there are three facets of the trinity that are reflected in our identity. Each one of you regardless of your redemptive gift, each one of you regardless of your gender has these three characteristics of almighty God and they must be developed in you equally they must grow in sequence. Most of us are like a tripod. One leg or another of our identity is a little bit short. So we are going to look at what it means to be made in the image of God and how we can lengthen the short leg on our tripod so we can stand with proper equilibrium.

But first let’s walk through a totally natural model. I want to look at child development and our identity introducing three terms that describe the three different facets of our identity. Then we will circle back around and see how our identity is a perfect reflection of the image of God.

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