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Need vs design is a much needed topic to move forward as builders in this new move of God. Why is that? I believe the majority of Christians see God through the grid of our need driven culture.

There will always be people pulling us this way or that (or we can be those people). This silent call of need can lead us down so many different trails. And because we have big hearts, and our desire is to help and transform people, the trap is to then love our neighbour more than God. It is there that our practices crumble, our ministries are limited and we become ineffective in our transformation we so desire.

The thing is, loving our neighbor as good as that is, is still the second commandment. The first commandment is still the first commandment no matter what cultural demands dictate.

“And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.” Deuteronomy 6:5

To the degree we are walking in this first commandment, can we then fulfil the second.

The question to ask is, 'Are these trails we may find ourselves on, the same path as our God given design?'

It is easy to spend our life feeling a great deal of joy but not fulfilment. It is compelling to be able to use our skill in the area of our moral authority and see results. And so we continually pose that question.


For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Hebrews 12:2

Knowing our design helps us to run the race. There is a joy that comes from walking in your design that drives you through any hardship. Jesus understood the precision of his calling. The goal is for us too as well.

We talked about this briefly in CD 6, Priorities and Building. I thought it was worth a mention here again.

Jesus knew who he was and his purpose in taking the eleven to fulfil their destiny.

• You can be led down so many wrong paths because of your compassion.
• Fulfilment comes from working in the area of your design.
• When we know our design, it enables us to run the race, moving from the joy of who God made us to be.

example of need vs design

So I picked up a thread of conversation that I would like us to look at and begin thinking of examples in our own lives as well. Stories give us a bigger perspective. And this one does that justice.

"Finding myself needing to be fulfilled in an area relating to fragrance niche anointing, nearly caused trouble several days ago. Son loves dogs, cannot stand dog events. I love dogs too and love dog events that have people I love to meet. When son said maybe he'd go, I thought he'd changed, and I sort of began planning food in my imagination, as I do. Then he politely said it never really was Maybe! It was No Way! I stood there welling tears which didn't help. No, I wasn't trying to shame him into coming, it was something else! Something deep. I asked God what was wrong me as a Mum, repenting of all sorts, to no avail! Those tears stayed aching all night and even in the morning a sort of grief was still smouldering as I set off on 2 hour drive to the dog event, no dogs!

But I had SLG (Midwives) CDs in car. Arthur happened to again mention something about some issues related to soul, some to our spirit. He also mentioned design. This time I caught it! BINGO! Soul had been hoping for son's change and was ready for doing family comfort food. Spirit recognised son's design and mine differed, and both were right! Dear old soul was trying to keep peace with the need to 'keep the peace' at all costs and as I gave my spirit room to have its say... well I burst into such laughter and tears of joy, as I recognised the amazing importance of design... in both of us! All this cruising on the highway at 110kph! Talk about Father's exquisite timing! Even today I have had my eyes open to need vs design, and Design trumps need in God's plans every time! This will be my partnering-with-God focus for a while! Anyone like to buddy with me?'

Just been pondering once more how we are trained up to operate out of a 'needs' basis! How many of us have been coached to explore our design? It's a paradigm shift! Our natural way, based on soul needs... or a switch to picking up divine specs to see the issue through God's eyes... How has He designed us to walk this episode? I've defaulted to the models from parents, peer groups, and church teachings, which are invariably not according to MY design! Not necessarily bad, but not the way I am designed to walk through it. I could see myself partnering with a buddy and exploring for our unique designs together... at the same time looking at everyday activities, or one-off dramas together, through the design lens! Coaching one another! Building a platform of identity and dignity along the way! Oh, the power of two, partnering our spirits with the Holy Spirit!"   Joan

questions to ponder

As we continue to nurture our spirit, we will be able to access the data rich info that is available to us there.

To get started, some questions to ask are, What comes easy to me? What do I enjoy doing?

Does Joan's example help you understand the difference between moving in need vs design? Her son could have moved in compassion and gone with Joan. Think of the lesson she would have missed!

Think of something in your life to share that has a hint of need vs design.

I love Joan's challenge. Can we explore our unique designs together, looking at everyday activities, or one-off dramas, through the design lens ? Coaching one another! Building a platform of identity and dignity along the way! Oh, the power of two, partnering our spirits with the Holy Spirit!" 

Let's begin!

I would like to make a note here in saying, we are all on a journey together and it doesn't matter where you are on that journey to join in here. Don't let it stop you because you are thinking, I have no clue who I even am. We have to start somewhere. And there is much to be learned from one another. So, welcome all.

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