My Servant Friend

by Sharon

My servant friend, very much walks in her R.G. gift of servant but does not even realise it.

She has been a friend coming up close to 20 years and over that time has blessed me deeply.

When she walked and supported me through trouble times, i felt deeply loved and honoured.

And when she saw my strengths, encouraged me to walk in them, enabling me to stand tall in who I am in God.

She is also growing up in Who she is in God as well, with the main area I saw being discerning. She loves to help people but coming to realise when getting taken for a ride.

She is very well liked and loved, with people not speaking against her, and very much wanting to defend her if they thought someone was starting to look like they were going to put her down.

She does not live as close now, but when we do talk, i always come away feeling totally honoured.

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Aug 15, 2016
by: lois

you certainly have been blessed with a servant friend such as this one (and i am sure she is by you). i am always impressed with the ease in which they do what they do.

it is a truism we see here- grace flows toward design.

thanks for sharing, Sharon

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