my ponderings..

by lois

i was in awe at the lists of sevens in the bible and the parallel between those lists. the compilation and works of so many that have brought this teaching together is staggering to me. (i kind of resat in that for awhile). and even though this album is 'all about us' in a way, i keep reflecting back to God as it reveals more of his immensity.

Woundedness- can change our perception of ourselves and God.

there was a time, a very long time that all i could see was the enemy's fingerprints. that did cloud and distort my perception of myself and how i saw God. that journey has had me on a continuum and i am so very thankful for the resources from slg that keeps making a way when i see no way forward. having a theology to grow and not just heal has mad me a bigger person.

i am looking forward to relistening again and preparing a table- a smorgasbord of delights here for all of us to dine on.

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Jul 27, 2016
by: Denise

I, for one, am thankful that God has placed you where you are. Thanks for being an example of hope and languaging that there is so much more once we stop only seeing the emeny's fingerprints. Also that it's not about just getting healed but about growth. Eventually, I want to be an over achiever for the Kingdom and be down right dangerous.

Looking forward to endulging in a little bit of gluttony at your table :-)

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