my background

by Katie

Do you have an example of the above from your own life that might help us see clearly the strength or weakness of these influences?

My parents came from broken homes and that produces broken homes.. three of them.. that I was part of from ages of 3 to 5(to 16). I learned to serve, developed a victim spirit, tried to keep the peace at any cost, and was under the Moabite curse.. plus defining secure borders to me would be the lack of internal and external boundaries...but, I may be a teacher.. religious spirit. mom had one and It kept me in what I perceived as a safe place with God. I had over responsibility, but felt safer 'under" someone, while I did the father had an orphan and poverty spirit so I did lack key resources but also have value issues I'm working on overcoming. I am an intercessor and I pray for and have been given divine strategies. Not having key resources has taught me to find ways to use what I have and create.

Can you give an example from your personality as a marker for your redemptive gift? Is it the weaknesses or the strengths? If it is the strengths, are those things presently readily seen or something you wish were visible?

I love to research and study. I like doing word studies in the Word, and if a question arises or someone challenges me, I'm right in my element. I want Biblical basis for everything, but here fear may play a part.. fear or mistakes and getting it wrong, displeasing God. I'm still having a challenge with the resources.. its easier to serve others and I find it hard to receive or ???

Please comment on any reason listed above or the reason you may want to study the RG’s.

contributions to the body- help serve people in a way that most effectively benefits the body

I love helping people but that too can be out of balance with enabling.. I'm working on this.

•insight into battlefields- there are particular battlefields we need to win in order to possess our birth right. - As an intercessor I diligently study the Word to find spiritual principles and believe Holy Spirit to show me which ones to apply to given situations. An adjustment in the atmosphere makes victory easier to attain for others working the field.

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Jul 27, 2016
for Katie
by: lois

thank you so much for sharing, Katie. what lands for me immediately is that despite a broken past you have partnered with God to find a way forward! so i celebrate that with you.
'you've been given divine strategies', as an intercessor myself, i can relate to this one.

i am also seeing the prophet gift in some of the things you are describing. i am relating to all that as my rg. e.g. fear or mistakes and getting it wrong. for me it is the black and white and sometimes only one way. i remember Arthur comparing life to a game of football not archery. there is a GAZILLION ways to play the game. although this is liberating it also grates upon me that says, when i shoot, i want a bullseye.

can't wait to explore more with you.

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