Mrs Paullette Boorman

by Paullete
(Canberra, Australia)

Hi I am Paullette it means little and small and I am short in physical stature, yet I shave always said, "I am big on the inside". I never realized how true that was until a couple of years ago when I was introduced to Arthur's teaching.

When i first heard about the human spirit I was confused and defensive. I had never heard about a spirit other than Holy Spirit and thought that my human spirit was my soul. Anyway I am fully on board now. I am RG Servant in unmistakable ways having all the obvious traits. I so want to be acknowledged but if I am I shy away. I am always busy DOING for others but rarely for myself (then I get cranky because no one seems to appreciate me). Victim spirit in full force.
But I am working through my wounds and now I know that I am wounded I can sometime notice when I am acting out of my wounds.

I was very excited when this study group was suggested but have run from the profile part. I wanted to join in secret. I so yearn for other travellers on this journey. So here I am front and centre.

I have listened to the Redemptive Gifts many times trying to understand the profiles and thus pigeon hole those around me. I don't know many RG Givers.

I was amazed how my Giver portion responded to the Giver Prayers in the SLG Coaching Blog. And I have discovered how detail fixated my Teacher portion is.

I am currently experimenting with finding "joy triggers" and am a bit stick in the mud at the moment, but then again I have had a couple of heavy "serving weeks' recently.

I am so looking forward to having others to share with who will not think I am too odd to talk to.

Blessings to you all


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Aug 12, 2016
welcome, Paullette
by: lois

so very glad to have you on board. i believe there are many of us that had a dramatic, 'aha' moment realizing our human spirit was vying for our attention. awareness is key as is putting language to a thing. it is very helpful to know when you are acting out of woundedness vs design, let's say.

the giver prayers often resonated with me as well.

joy triggers. i like that. i choose daily to build my repertoire of joy moments. we'll have to share them sometime together!

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