moving forward

by lois

I love the clarity this track brings. The differentiation between church and kingdom. WOW. The importance of both. How important is this kingdom cycle? How much heartache could it save if we embraced it? I would love to hear some examples of people who actually cycled thru this well.

Do not let anyone trash the fire God has put in you. Walk it out with or without legitimacy. Come into agreement that the treasure placed within you by God is good. Build that shed behind your shop, pursue your design.

I would love to do that here. Does anyone have a treasure that we can bless? (esp if it has been trashed by the culture?)

Father you know the treasure that is in each one of us. You were there first and we bless that deposit now. That fire in our belly. Where ever we are on the continuum may we advance, move forward by the wind of your breath, breathe now on us, awaken us, reposition us..whatever needs to be done allow us to partner with you and each other to get to the place where we will be most effective in the work we are called to do.

yay and amen

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Dec 09, 2016
Deep grieving
by: Sharon

As I read that comment Lois I could feel deep shaking deep within me, with tears close to my eyes.

I find it hard to even think at times that I have anything to offer.

Yes that is changing, but wow, still did not realise how deeply i have been effective over my life time.

Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit Lois, and sharing what you did then.

Dec 02, 2016
by: Denise

"Where ever we are on the continuum..."
Beautiful Prayer Lois.
Thank you.

A treasure with mud all over it is still a treasure.
So glad Father knows, redeems, and keeps moving us forward.

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