ministry partners wanted

pour into someone and let others do the same

pour into someone and let others do the same

Lois the Valiant has gone where no one has been willing to go before, which is to create a community bulletin board, Ministry Partners Wanted, where people can go to find someone to do ministry for them.

This is based on Use-At-Your-Own-Risk. These are not people I have trained nor she has vetted them.

And, like a bank, if everyone is needy and no one is willing to give, it will be fairly useless.

I have posted a couple of samples to help you get started.

Sample #1. I HAVE. My name is Fred the Red. I have a pretty good track record with color blind boll weevils in your garden. If your boll weevils are eating your tomatoes instead of your cotton because they can't see that the tomatoes are red, call me. I might be able to help you. FredTheRed@Gardens.Dominion.

Sample #2. I NEED. My girl friend's cousin's mother-in-law's hairdresser's bartender said there is a specific curse that lands on third born girls who are born between 10:17 and 10:27 on the fifth Thursday of an even numbered month. Does anyone know what to do about this curse besides change bartenders? DesperateJesperate@HardCore.LG.

Arthur Burk

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Mar 04, 2016
New Christan looking to receive ministry for "Doing Deliverance on your Brain"
by: April

I have just finished listening to the "Doing Deliverance on your Brain" teachings and, as a new Christian, really need some work in these areas. I'm tempted to go to the expert (since he's nearby), but don't want to be a coward as Arthur says so here I am! Praying for God to connect me to the right person and that I may be a blessing to them as well. My email is:

Laguna Beach, CA

Mar 13, 2016
I HAVE some earned authority to help struggling marriages
by: Kathy

My husband and I have worked hard to get from a place of despair for our relationship, to the place of peace and unity that we now enjoy. It just took a few decades but we learned! I have some earned authority because of this to help those in struggling marriages. Maybe there is something I can do to help you and yours. About me, I have followed Arthur Burk for several years and have heard pretty much every one of his teachings, many times. You may email me at

Mar 13, 2016
I NEED to lose 50 pounds
by: Kathy

I NEED to lose 50 pounds. It would be nice to know that someone is praying for me. I am interested in exploring possible *spiritual reasons* for the weight issue. I do not binge, I eat healthy, but I have several metabolic and hormonal issues. I do not feel that there is a lot of emotional pain there (that I know of) since I have received much inner healing already and walk usually with contentment and inner peace. I have been trying to lose weight for decades, and it is discouraging to fail, fail, fail over and over again! However it is a new season for me now, and God has given me faith to believe that now is the time for victory. Not interested in your suggestions for diets or health products, since I am already taking a ton of products through my own supplements distribution business. Contact me if you would like to walk through this with me. Thanks! Kathy at

Mar 14, 2016
I HAVE the interest to try to help with deliverance for the brain, but zero experience
by: Kathy

I HAVE the interest to try to help others with deliverance for the brain, but zero experience in that area. If you want to let a total novice have a go at it, I can certainly try. I have heard the albums Deliverance for your Brain, and also both of the AHS albums some months ago. I will listen to those albums again right away to refresh my memory. Any work we do together would be after I listen to these albums again, so it would take about two weeks to do that (so the work would not start before the beginning of April). I have helped out at inner healing and deliverance retreats, but only as a "second" not as a "lead", so I do not feel very confident yet. But I would welcome the chance to get some more practice and learn by doing. Let me know.

Mar 14, 2016
by: Ashley

I NEED... I was sexually abused as a child, and as such really deal with PTSD, flashbacks, suicidal thoughts, and it has been a rough road to try to have sexual intimacy in marriage. Would appreciate someone who has authority in those areas to pray with / help me figure out how to break/press through. I've listened to almost every CD Arthur has put out in last 3 years. Done lots of things, but can't seem to get free.

I HAVE... some authority, discernment and practice in dealing with AHSs. God had me in a house for 3.5 years that was chock full of them and kept us there until we kicked them all out of our home and off of us :) Would love to help how I can.

I HAVE... a heart for praying with others in finding healing from their past. I'm not certified in any way, but I've helped a bit of people through Jim Banks' Trauma healing prayer (he combines Arthur Burke, Neil Anderson, and others' work into one prayer method).


Jul 13, 2016
Connecting ;)
by: cvandz

Hmmm. What to say? ;). I'm a 29 yr old female from the Vancouver area (west coast Canada ;)

Heard of SLG about 7 yrs ago. Been tracking closely and digging into as much as I can in the last year tho. Just (just!) finished the Doing Deliverance your Brain album the other night thinking "I wish there was somebody I could do that with!" I prob need it, and I really don't know how to do it (I have more questions than answers!) or what words I would use, but if I found someone I could connect with, I would love to give it a go. I'm learning (thanks to Arthur) that I don't need to know everything to start :P

Now, I prob need it more than I know how to do it, several areas on my end that I need some breakthru, as for what I have to give, I know I probably have a lot to give, but it's more likely I would discover what that is in the moment if somebody was pulling on it. I don't know what words to use to describe what I have (I'm a Mercy, can you tell? :P) but I know that I've been given a lot too. So, I don't know what will come of that, but I'll throw that out there! Definitely compassionate. Wisdom in areas. Musical/worshipper/creative/dance/adventurer. I've been in a few ministry schools. Heart for community. Have discernment (growing in it). There! How's that for my trying to express that?! :P.

Praying everybody gets connected with the right ppl ;). Blessings on everyone in this!

(A challenge with me also is timing... I really want to connect with ppl, but if there is someone who has a flexible schedule, it's more likely it would work, as it's a challenge for me to be on time (would love prayer for this issue!). I can do tentative plans or just random check in and see if it's a good time. But I don't want to make "plans" so that I don't leave you hanging if it doesn't work on my end. Tentative plans are fine ;). I use Skype. Let me know if there's any questions ;)
Email is the best way to get ahold of me.

Thanks ;). Have a good one everyone! ;)

Aug 08, 2016
re: doing deliverance on the brain
by: Teresa

I have used this album for myself and it is my favorite. I can help out or be helped.

Aug 09, 2016
for Teresa
by: lois

if you give me an email address (here or thru 'contact me) I can forward it to someone who may be interested.

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Looking to receive ministry for brain and AHS deliverance.

The second and third demos from "Doing Deliverance on Your Brain" resonated deeply with me so I would greatly appreciate connecting with someone willing to work through these concepts with me.

Tampa, FL

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Mar 13, 2016
Willing to partner
by: Rosemary and Frank

Hi, we have found Arthur's teaching invaluable and have used them extensively over the past five years, if you want a blessing, or help with AHSs, PTSD or just someone to walk with through a bad spot, we are willing to partner with you to empower you. NB we are not into enabling!

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