ministering to babies in the womb

This album, Ministering to Babies in the Womb, is a do-it-yourself tool kit for parents who want to grow their child's spirit so that from birth on, your child is led by the spirit and not the soul. You will learn about breaking generational curses, releasing generation blessings, nurturing in the womb and the three kinds of blessings: blessings of peace, blessings of joy, and blessing names of God.

There are a variety of different tools for growing your baby's spirit. That is followed by a teaching on the three foundational kinds of blessings and how to use each of them with your child.

Finally, you will find all five of the "Baby Blessing" CDs included. This set is appropriate for adults who were not nurtured in the womb as well.

These tools have been in use for more than twenty years so a significant difference has been seen between those adults who received spiritual nurture in the womb and those who were only nurtured spiritually after they were toddlers. Ministering to Babies in the Womb a teaching well worth it.

excerpt from ministering to babies in the womb

CD.2.1 Introduction

It is extremely frustrating to me that there is so much written about generational curses these days and so very little written about generational blessings. Although generational curses are significant and we need to deal with them, by far the more interesting topic is that if generational blessings and yet our gold mine is largely ignored in Christian writings. We have very little exposition of the biblical passages that deal with generational blessings and yet generational blessings are put on a par in scripture in terms of their intensity and their ability to affect our lives. Consider a couple of passages. First is in Deuteronomy 28 the great chapter that deals with curses and blessings. In verse fifteen it says, 'If you do not obey the Lord your God and carefully follow all his commands and decrees I am giving you  this day all these curses will come upon you and overtake you.' Now, overcome you and overtake you are very strong terms. The imagery is someone running after another person. No matter how fast the other person runs no matter what evasive tactics he uses, the one running does capture the one being pursued. These generational curses are thrust upon the individual. He's chased down, the curses jump on his back, he is wrestled to the ground to receive these curses. We understand this imagery but what is largely overlooked is in verse two where it says, all these blessings will come upon you and accompany you if you obey the Lord your God. These blessings will come upon you and accompany you, chase you down and pursue you. You will have blessings you do not seek, that you do not know anything about that you are not involved in accruing which chase you down pursue you jump on your back and wrestle you to the ground whether you like it or not. This is a powerful teaching which is largely overlooked in the church.

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