the mesmerizing spirit

Exchange is the basic principle of life at a cellular level, receiving and giving. Where we voluntarily cease to exchange, we limit the amount of life that we can have.

Honor comes before exchange:

God has designed us to be tribal and enjoy our own group but also to interface and enjoy other tribes as well. Where there is dishonor there is no desire to exchange. Silence can be the same as dishonor.

The theft of honor is devastating to any community. It can be based on reality or non reality. The enemy is intent on stealing honor, primarily thru the mesmerizing spirit.

The mesmerizing spirit draws our attention to just a part of the picture to prevent us from seeing the whole. It controls our focus, giving honor to someone who will defile you. This spirit is often coupled with the victim spirit.

Many people have been rejected and alienated because the mesmerizing spirit has been able to cause them to be seen and to see things in a particular way.

Honoring those who are not worthy of honor causes you to follow people who shouldn’t be in leadership because you focus on the one good thing that they say or are able to do for you.

The mesmerizing spirit focuses on your problems, bringing them close, way bigger than God’s power and plans for you and God’s design.

The primary focus of the mesmerizing spirit is to defame God, by drawing your attention to whatever cannot be understood (think Adam and Eve) and by changing your focus to whatever looks bad or painful.

The use of the mesmerising spirit is to get people to follow you because normally they wouldn’t because they don’t command respect. They  will use guilt and manipulation for people to follow and position oneself to gain honor. It is a travesty to lead without honor.

The honor you have will affect who will be and won’t be drawn to you.

God wants to give us extraordinary honor. We receive that honor because we are life giving and walking in dominion.

praying against the mesmerizing spirit

Instead of trying to convince someone their perspective is being manipulated, renounce and bind the mesmerizing spirit and ask the Lord to shine His light on what it is he wants people to see and feel, in such a way that no man, woman, or child could deny what it is that God is trying to show them. 

It is recommended to pray this way for a 30 day period.

to watch the video, Entrance for the Mesmerizing Spirit by Arthur Burk, click here

Theft of Honor and the Mesmerizing Sprit is taken from Arthur Burk’s “Life Dominion and Honor”

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Prayer Renouncing the Mesmerizing Spirit

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