living in the present
chapter 12

In the previous chapters, we have dealt with tools primarily dealing with our past. As we go forward, we will explore what living in the present, looks like; engaging, embracing and owning our life as it is happening instead of disconnecting from it as we once did in the past. We need to bring our redeemed past with us. Because our life is still happening now, with years of 'presents' ahead of us to yet live, we stay present so that the repair needed is only for what lies behind us.

Let's look at some ways in which we can accomplish that goal.

kicking off point to living in the present

SAVORING is an wonderful life skill and foundational to building new habits.

  • causes you to slow down- feel what is going on and how you are reacting to it
  • ponder why it landed so well
  • creates ready made anchors in our timeline 
  • helps you to develop perspective- what you are going to see and how you will see it
  • nurtures your gratitude

Savoring is the practice of finding and celebrating value.

EMOTIONAL MONUMENTS are some things we build to remember

  • invest emotional energy by engaging in the things that happen during your day
  • build an emotional or even physical marker on the timeline at that point
  • invest a significant amount of energy into remembering that event
  • go back and revisit old monuments in your life

Three anchoring steps in the area of monuments

  • use the power of anticipation- how might God surprise us? How might he reveal himself in a situation that wasn't what we wished? (this practice can help us debunk the idea that this might set us up for potential disappointment)
  • participation- be there, in the present. do something tangible if you can. journal, photos, scrap book..
  • savoring- you are intentionally investing more emotion by making a point to anchor this experience deep in your timeline

wrapping it up

Today is a gift. This is the day that the Lord has made. His mercies are new every morning. These are reminders of why, when and where we should show up to be fully present. The truth is there are gifts that are placed on time, today. God does not partially show up every day. He is fully engaged with us and the universe and is longing for that same kind of interaction with us. What a bummer it would be if he was like out of the office till Thursday. Thankfully, that never happens and never will.

Can we embrace the gift of each day as it comes, looking for its treasures imbedded in time? This book has given me more understanding and the tools to implement are there to help us do just that. By starting with staying connected to the good stuff, we can then build on those experiences now anchored and to the God we have come to know who is a suitable God to get us through, come hell or high water. When our life is spiralling down, we can pull up those good emotional anchors that you established through savoring and building monuments. The challenge might always be there, staying present in the midst of pain, but there will be more tools under your belt to now keep your relationship with time in tact. 

questions to explore

Having read the chapter, Living in the Present, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?

What are some emotional monuments and how can you build them?

Identify three things from today that you can savor and spend some time celebrating them.

Choose and share an upcoming event where you can practice anticipating, participating and savoring.

Talk about how staying present in the good times helped you during the painful times?

Be intentional about savoring and building emotional monuments.  Create a possible schedule or windows of time that you will make available to do this.   

Can you share a song, poem or something else that helps to ground you in the present?

Do you have something to share about this topic?

We would love to hear from you.

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