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The universal church is now in the process of a massive transition, as millions of people leave the institutional church. God's order to God's new order is always the hardest change to make. This change is not readily accepted by the 'keepers of the way.'

Welcome, to Life After Church study group.

As we know, the focus for the last 15 years has been on this vast exodus. Trying to answer our own painful questions of where we went wrong or have been wronged has been our reality but it is not the point. The point of this massive restructuring is to advance God's kingdom. Life After Church is about where God is going, so that we can run with Him.

Many of us have been following along with the livestreams, buying the product,but mostly by living the 'life after church' experience. This issue addressed by Arthur has brought much dignity to us as a whole, and I am so grateful for that.

This album is the collection of 15 years' observations and at every turn and on every corner I am arrested by a bucketful of hope. It is time to move past the grief to excitement.

This is our season.

  LAC study group
the plan

The plan of this study group is to focus on one of Arthur's teaching albums, LAC. I will be posting an overview of the material, and a few prompts, to help us focus and for a start-up each week right here on this site.

Generally, I will  put up a weekly post. It will be a link on this page that says, the teaching we will be studying; LAC CD 1. You just click on that link to read and share your comments and insights. 

By signing up to the newsletter, you will not miss a post.

Some answers to your questions:

  • there is no place to actually sign up
  • it is not time zone sensitive
  • there is no cost (donations for my work effort always appreciated)
  • this IS interactive
  • you can show up in your pajamas as there is no webcam

 Please do introduce yourself here, by using the invitation below on this page. Just enter a title, 'Hi, it's me!'  You will see what others have shared by scrolling down this page.

It would be wonderful to commit from start to finish, but that is not always possible. You are free to come and go, but I am hoping also for some steady anchored people to run with it.

Finally, do pray with me, blessing this place and each other with eyes to see what we haven’t before. Many people may feel like they have been wandering, doing time in the wilderness for this one issue. And it is here I will quote my all time favorite from Tolkien -

'not all who wander are lost.'

May each process unfold in a timely way. The outcome is always a treasure. May we embrace the journey of unpacking. May there be much celebration and release of joy along the way.

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study notes

historical framework cd-1

church and kingdom cd-2

structures cd-3

community cd-4

how to receive cd-5

priorities and building cd-6

need vs design

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