If you are familiar with the teaching album, Joy Unstoppable, then you are familiar with Leviathan. This audio is now available in print.

Here is the story:

​A few years ago, while pursuing God to solve some big blocks in the way to our calling, my mom received a vision from God with a picture of an enormous dragon-like creature. She also got a name - Leviathan. We searched high and low for material on this Leviathan, never having heard the name before, and we stumbled upon this free teaching from Arthur Burk's, Joy Unstoppable. After studying and praying into this teaching, our lives have never been the same.

​You can get the notes free by copying and pasting this link


To get the latest printable PDF version from Arthur Burk's Joy Unstoppable teaching (46 pages long) please send any donation the Lord leads you to give.


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