Journey of LAC

by Terry
(Atascadero, California)

Thank You for being here. I have recently left the organized church and I am in a time of mourning and asking, The Father, O.K. Papa, what's next? It is both an exciting and confusing time. As I become more acquainted with this community, I hope to glean from the many different walks represented here. God is so faithful in His leading. I just ordered the CD set, Life after church and I can't wait to start listening. Blessings to all those faithful ones who are transfixed by the beauty of God.

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by: lois

hi Teresa, i am so glad you are here! that is a good way to express this journey of LAC, both confusing and exciting. kinda nice to know the what next, Lord? he delights in our trusting him while we navigate this territory sometimes on blind faith it seems. many of us are on different legs of the journey. that helps you to know that you are not alone. so, do keep in touch and let us know how you are going and how we can walk with you.

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