Jane’s Flower Journey - Uncut

by Jane Tenant

The cover of Seneca’s book epitomises the picture I saw that day, in a garden, under a tree.

The cover of Seneca’s book epitomises the picture I saw that day, in a garden, under a tree.

My journey into the world of flower essences was most unexpected. Over the years I’d come to dismiss most alternative healing as non-scientific and kooky. Also, non-Christian. At best they were off-the-planet, at worst occultic. And so I stayed far away. I have also historically moved further and further away from allopathic medicine and developed a healthy disrespect for Big Pharma, the more I researched. Yes, I am a researcher, of so much stuff. My scepticism reached new heights.

At the same time, I listened and listened to Arthur Burk, at first on a soul and fascination level to all his work on fractals, so much do I love patterns in all things. Finally, I listened to his work on the human spirit, and the healing began, slowly at first then gathering momentum.

One day as I sat with friends under a tree praying, the words came to me “Flower Power”, with the image of a great big hippie style bright flower with large petals. This image and the words stayed with me though I had NO CLUE what God might be saying to me. I put it to one side, waiting…about two years, I think.

Then, one night as I was reading an interesting blog by Kings of Eden, there were those very words, Flower Power, referring to a book on alternative healing. Sock! Between the eyes! God had my attention in a big way. I ordered it on Kindle and quickly devoured it. It destroyed my precious, previously held paradigms. I knew this was God. His patience and mercy being so direct was certainly needed in this instance.

Seneca was equally in awe of the timing of God in connecting us. (I have included the conversation between us)

We were both knocked out and in still are regarding God’s infinite toolsets, and how He weaves time and place and people to His purposes. I ordered some essences. Many battles with customs followed. Try explaining a frequency to a customs official, even to an import agency. Much prayer was required in this birthing process. Why would you import water? Finally, they arrived, and I tried them. They worked!!

All of this was happening amongst my busy life of farming and saw-milling, even studying, fighting ongoing land battles, surviving more than thriving. I simply used every scrap of scrap time, and slowly but surely got traction where I had very little before.I discovered how Quantum Physics and the science of water all came together in frequency healing. My cat got healed! Genesis and Day One were enriched with new meaning.

I ordered again and again, and Seneca was most gracious. More customs battles followed, but we made it, jumping through many hoops along the way. Along the way God revealed His plans to both Seneca and I and I am so honoured to have been offered the distributorship.

The nation of South Africa is so traumatised in so many ways and flower essences are surely one healing modality that is so appropriate. Along with music, essential oils (which are different) and others.

A word on design. I love flowers. Always have. Fresh, clothes, jewellery, cushions…the list goes on. Flowers bring me joy, anytime, anywhere. God knew. Gratitude. Awe moment.

At this stage I’m just starting out and it’s not yet flowing easily, there are still battles being fought but step by step God is so faithful. We are making progress daily and I’m learning to trust His timing. I have new respect for baby steps, because looking back we’ve come a long way since that amazing picture. The cover of Seneca’s book epitomises the picture I saw that day, in a garden, under a tree.


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Mar 04, 2019
flower power
by: Therese

WONDERFUL to hear your story Jane!!!! Thank you. and may God continue to Bless you as a Flower Power agent of His healing and Loving Kindness....

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