by lois
(down under)

welcome everyone. i'm lois, the creator of this website. i am most at home living without capitals but i know it bugs a lot of people so i try and be sensitive to when and where i let my professionalism slide.

i am redemptive gift of prophet. i am emerging as i learn how to hone my intensity in a way that is pleasing to God. i can tell you a few recent stories that might make your hair curl. i am trying to separate woundedness and cultural expectations from design and all that takes time.

I am excited to be going through this CD album yet once again especially in understanding the gifts to be more relational. perhaps call me a late bloomer.

this is not my first attempt to build community and i am hoping you might find a kindred spirit or two here.

i am especially hoping this will be a positive experience and that you will enjoy the ride.

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Jul 24, 2016
from another prophet
by: Moonsun

so glad to hear that you are a prophet as well! I am really looking forward to reading your comments as another prophet. Cool~~~

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