intro to emotions

In this series of teachings, we will be looking at the emotions. As we know, the adrenals produce a number of hormones, DHEA, being one of them. Adrenal fatigue comes when overused and exhausted unable to produce the hormones they used to produce. A major consequence is a lack of joy. The incapability of producing joy in our mind, emotions in our soul, that feeling of joy over good things that happen. Your soul can no longer feel joy if this part of your biology is not working correctly.

Adrenal exhaustion leads to a life of low grade fear and even terror at times if sufficiently depleted. The body although able to feel fear, is unable to feel good emotions. There are so many implications throughout the whole body.

The good news is, God can clear out the fear from our adrenals just like he does with trauma bonds to time or land; the way our body responds to massage. Our adrenals can be in trauma bonds to past events but when truth is washed over your adrenals, you are released from that bondage.

prayer for emotions

Father, we come to you and plead original design. You have designed the adrenals to respond to fear when needed but to live in a place of joy. You designed the adrenals to be a core part of our joy mechanism enabling us to experience the joy of the Lord and to be healed and edified by him.

We live in a broken world and all of us have bad experiences in life. All of us have a library with trauma that could repeat itself some time and even the hint of a potential repetition causes a wrong reaction on our adrenals.

We come to you now and ask that you would purge the triggers from our adrenals, leaving the awareness and alertness to potential danger that you deem appropriate, right and just. Precisely edit the master list of fearful things apparently attached to our adrenals and let there remain only those things that are appropriate for the day, time and culture in which we live.

Each one of us will need a different punch list. Each one of us have different areas we need to quite alert in but we ask you to strip away, remove, purge, delete all of the source code for every useless memory that has still been haunting us because it is hard wired in to the adrenals.

May this be a day of immense release for your people as you redeem this portion of their humanity from the works of the enemy.

questions to explore

Having listened to this track, Intro to emotions, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?

'When truth is washed over your adrenals, you are released from that bondage.' What are you still believing that does not serve you anymore? What truth are you disconnected from? How is that conversation going with God.

Do you have something to share about this topic?

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