intro to instruction

This CD is an intro to instruction. Exploring the use of this word we started with Psalm 16. We trailed it in scripture pulling out a sample of different versus that define it. 

We continue with Jeremiah 6:8 and we read:

Be instructed (listen to this warning) O Jerusalem,
Lest My soul depart from you;
Lest I make you desolate,
A land not inhabited.”

The theme in this verse is one of impending doom, judgement. Instruction is an alert, a fore-waring, that red light on your dashboard. The information coming is that something bad is about to happen in any moment. 

This is fairly familiar for our adrenal function. We see something, hear something and our adrenals interpret it as an impending threat. There is a release of hormone in our body to equip us with what is going to happen. The problem arises when the interpretation of data is inaccurate. A thousand stimuli that can activate our adrenals with accurate or inaccurate info.

As you look at scripture and the construct of instruction, the point is the frame. Our left kidney frames it while the right solves problems. When the left kidney frames problems wrongly, allowing the data file of loss in the amygdala to define a fear we run into problems. We then try to solve problems through force rather than through resources.

On the other hand when we try to solve problems through our connection with covenant instead of our history with loss we are then able to move toward a right framework. We are dealing with trauma from the past which may flag an experience creating another response. 

Somewhere in this sequence there is an opportunity to interrupt the cycle of fear, to interpret the loss reaction and impose on it a covenant based reaction. The question on the table then becomes, 'Where are the resources?' If there is covenant there is an obligation a framework not for destruction but for provision.

So we look at a project through the grid of finding the available covenant resources instead of the grid of past situations where we did not find the resources and have a fear based world view. That will affect the way we go forward.

Let's take chronic fatigue. On a surface level it is a picture of someone who is under resourced. Their perception is that life happened and the solution to deal with life's issues was to lean into the problem and to wrap their arms around and heroically solve the problem. Our adrenals provide resources for your body to do heroic things.

However, if you do that often enough and long enough and burn through your reserves it becomes like a dead battery. In a natural flow, your adrenals provide a certain amount of energy and when the crisi is over the body replenishes. If the adrenals do not get replenished, they become like that dead battery that can't restart the car. 

The horrific irony is that it takes a certain amount of adrenaline to sleep and when your adrenals become so depleted you are incapable of sleeping and recharging your adrenals. A catch 22 syndrome that is very difficult to get out of.

Hence, instruction.

When the adrenals are able to participate in the thinking process in our entire body so that each new situation is framed around covenant and you ask what resources has the covenant provided? For me to be able to solve this problem in partnership with God rather than in a solitary manner doing the heavy lifting. Then the problem you solved is like starting the car. You use your adrenals and over the course of time your body relaxes, the problem is solved without extreme depletion and you are gloriously wonderfully recharged.

prayer for instruction

I bless you adrenals, with the ability to take your rightful place in the decision making process. We know there is a rightful place and that God has designed you to provide critical input to the whole process of how to decide to face life's issues, how to frame them and how to solve them. 

I bless you with providing instruction that God has designed you to provide during the night watches. I bless you with reframing, educating, directing with caution and breaking the cycle of endless dependency on human strength by redirecting the body away from the chronic anxiety, pressure, the chronic giving out sacrificially again and again towards an understanding of covenant, towards receiving the abundance of resources for the hour.

I bless you with instructing and I bless you with receiving as the rest of the body receives your instruction and frames life's issues properly.

questions to explore

Having listened to the intro to instruction, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?

There is alot here. So much I can identify with. What can you put in place to go forward practically? I had to learn self-care. Does this ring a bell for you? 

Do you have something to share about this topic?

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