by Susan Brooks
(Idaho Falls, Idaho USA)

I came, I saw, I moved here

I came, I saw, I moved here

I came, I saw, I moved here
A cute hat for your darling head!

After we moved back to Idaho, Susan had a dream where she and the Lord were talking about how special Idaho is and a mystery He has hidden here. The state is largely unknown in the US, except for potatoes; even when you say the name, people hear something else like "Iowa" or "Ohio" (??) or they think "potato" or "white supremacist".

When Susan woke up from the dream she was so proud of Idaho, she wanted to get an Idaho T-shirt ... but there were no good ones. So she decided to start a business to promote love for Idaho beyond the stereotypes. She works with several professional designers, a local screen printing company and a business partner. In total, 3 ladies all with MBAs from Idaho State University (Susan is finishing hers). or "Heart & Soul Idaho" on Facebook.

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