how to receive cd-5

Let’s look at three principles for learning how to receive appropriately:

1. Raw materials- slaves expect and need liquid assets while son's receive raw materials
We see this played out in the prodigal son. ‘Everything here is yours’ is the answer to ‘You haven’t given me anything.’ The raw materials are there. This is the dividing line between slavery and sonship.

We need to develop an eye for raw materials.

• Our soul needs to grow into the call of our spirit. We need to see how we can walk in more sonship than slavery so that we can execute the task and develop a skill set.

• We need to be incrementally be developing spiritual authority over nature, community...

• Using the Word of God- Are you a visual, kinetic or auditory leaner? Use the right tool.

2. Stewardship- We must steward what we have before we get more.

If you honor those whom God sends you, God will send you those whom he honors. Fuchsia Pickett

• Do not treat people as irrelevant but ask, ‘How can I be life-giving today?’ (that clerk didn’t have to be there when you rocked up)

• It is an art form to give at least dignity. It is a learned skill to honor those God gives you, nudging me when someone needs me. Be on stand by ready to pour into them.

• God will partner with you as we make a commitment on our part to be life giving. Learn the different currencies of being a life giver. It keeps you from being a commodity as we lean into an exchange relationship.

3. Give wisely-everything that comes into our life is Father filtered.

James 1:17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

• Stop getting hung up on the injustice. (e.g. a cancelled flight) But ask, 'Where might God be in this unfortunate situation?'

• Walk thru life expecting the good gifts of God.

• Rethink this; Do we give God credit for only the good stuff and blame the rest on the devil?

Our problems will reveal to us the potential treasures we have inside. These are times we are put in situations which appear, we are destitute, that we don’t have what we need. Elisha, David and Saul are just some of many that were pushed to learn to unpack what they did not know was there.

For clues, look at your childhood. How did you play? This might be indicative of how God revealed himself to you. (Arthur’s examples of patterns when cleaning – fractals- and investment in land). Learning your own treasures in your soul and spirit and how you relate to God.

more on how to receive...

Authority over Nature

• Are we moving to a significant area of authority  in some area of nature?

• God has called us to have dominion in one or more areas.

• Learn the many different expressions; *light*weather*life*time*sound*flow* essence*

What frustrates or angers you when it is out of order? Perhaps that is the area that God has called you to have dominion over.

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God gives community to those who will steward community wisely and carefully. If we are unwilling to invest and have a critical attitude we deserve to have a small community.

Toxic currencies of building community

• Legitimacy – an exchange using name dropping is an evil influence. It reduces people to a commodity as we trade especially in the mutual legitimacy of those who are not holy and righteous. Using someone other than God as our ‘stamp of approval’. Marketing legitimacy comes with a price of loyalty.

• Trading inside information violates confidentiality with a client to look good in someone’s eyes or to impress.

• Using your anointing as a currency. For example, using your mantel over your ministry.

What are the legitimate currencies?

• Fathering- you discover someone’s gift and you help them unpack it. “Let me say back to you what I heard.’ Make it a lifestyle as you look at the individuals in your community. Look, listen and wait asking, ‘What are the treasures in you that I can language for you and help you to unpack.

• Dignity- As simple as not leaving a difficult thing in conversation. An act of closing the loop. Look for ways to give dignity.

• Celebration- knowing when there is a cause for celebrating.

• Wisdom- to have it to give when asked.

• Perspective- the ability to zoom out and put a frame around.

To build out the vision God’s given you, remember the three principles. God gives raw materials NOT a finished product. He expects you to steward them. He gives you good gifts. You unpack treasure in nature and invest in community.

questions to explore

How have you grown incrementally from slavery to sonship? Can you identify with the older son in stating,  ‘You haven’t given me anything.’  Are you intentionally developing an eye for raw materials?

Can you give an example of stewardship in your own life?

Getting hung up on injustice can be a understandable. Have you seen an area in your life where God used for good what the enemy clearly designed for evil? 

Are you walking/growing in dominion over any of these areas? *light*weather*life*time*sound*flow* essence* 

Are you glad to be free of toxic currencies? Explain.

Can you think of a legitimate currency you have used or someone has used in your life to move you forward?

After listening to this CD, what area will you partner with God in the following weeks? Do you need a buddy to join you? Just ask.

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On 2016-12-29 01:26:23.504623 by Anonymous

Yes, to be "DANGEROUS" ... and be used in any way God chooses to wreak havoc on His ancient enemy.

On 2016-12-29 00:46:44.439420 by lois

@Denise, emphasis on 'potential.' we are put in situations that we 'appear' destitute. (some great biblical examples given) they were PUSHED to learn to unpack what they DID NOT know was there. oh yes, i CAN relate. at one time i relied on all sorts of pain blockers to put as much distance between me and life. just the fact that i am still in the game is a big deal. growing in perseverance and endurance has been costly but not without a heafty ROI. my aim? to be dangerous.
thanks for opening up the discussion, Denise.

On 2016-12-29 00:23:29.806197 by Denise

"Our problems will reveal to us the potential treasures we have inside."
Love that truth. So often we look at problems as issues to be solved instead of treasures to be dug up.
There is so much meat in this cd, I'll be back after I chew on it some more.

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