How can I become a child of God?

by Dani

I have been doing some research regarding how do Christian organisations tell others how can they become connected with God or in other words a child of the God? Is it possible for me to get to God without reading books and listening to messages, but by only reading the Bible???

Would it be possible if you can state clearly what steps I would need to take in order? And where in the Bible does it state these steps? I have read some exciting things on your page about accessing Intimacy with God and many more. But I could not find how to initially connect to God.. The first step?

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by: Sharon

I look forward to listening to it:)

by: lois

much more detailed then LAC. it is topical, so Arthur addresses things like tithing, accountability, covering, leadership..

another look at the evolving church.

by: Sharon

Is that sorted covered in the first cd of Life Atfer Church?

good stuff
by: lois

'the mercy season' a great album with an overview of church history up to present time, with practical tools to keep in step with this retooling of what we knew as church.

also, a free audio download is 'Perspectives'.
excellent overview of Ruler to Mercy season.

by: Sharon

Hi all

Hey Lois what is the name of the album you mention would be good to buy?

A personal God
by: Dennis Rhodes

Hello, Many groups make coming to God very hard when in fact it is not.
There are many accounts of people connecting with God in the New Testament. Every account is different and every person is unique and known by the Father.
You are seeking to know your heavenly Father- to connect with Him? The only Way to come to God is through Jesus Christ -God revealed in the flesh.
We come to God by heart- not intellect. For God is Spirit.
Certainly if you read the New Testament Gospel accounts asking God to grant you faith to believe what it says you can enter into the New Creation life that Jesus wants for you.
I suggest you read the Book of John asking God to reveal Jesus to your heart.
Bless you

the mercy season
by: lois

i could do as you ask, but i so do not feel that is what you need. this is the mercy season. and it is marked by this: in the mercy season you will SMELL THE FRAGRANCE OF CHRIST. that is something you need to know, explore and discover. no steps, no order..

there is an album you could purchase that explains more about this season by the same name.

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