historical framework cd-1

How can we live in the cadence of this new season? How can we live big? How can we partner with God with a positive vision without being overwhelmed by the difficulties of the past? How do we form community in this new season? How do we receive? How do we build?

These are but a few of the questions that we will be looking at from this series on LAC.

It begins the way all things should begin, with an overview. Like the genealogies we read (and often skip) the importance of where God has been and where he is going gives the strategic framework for what’s to come.

how did we get here?
the historical framework..

⦁ post war, ‘Leave it to Beaver’ society of peace and comfort.
⦁ The church is focused on evangelism (Nate Saint, Billy Graham)

⦁ The local church, here and overseas

⦁ Great rebellion birthed the Jesus Movement with God as the master chess player.
⦁ A huge ingathering

⦁ Time bomb (drugs, sex, eastern religion) all into the church with a messy background.
⦁ Ponzi Scheme- size and scale of the big church

⦁ Intercession, enter Jezebel. Deliverance, inner healing movement.
⦁ Tension grows into an epic shift/breach between pastors and laity. No longer needing pastors.
⦁ Long distance phone calls
⦁ Email/ internet
⦁ Now a greater cross pollination as people found each other and the Body of Christ comes together regardless of denominations.
⦁  Responsibility shifts from leadership to laity as it is our job to find the answers to what we need.
⦁ Apostolic Leadership emerges, heavy handed, wanting to hear from God for you. The currency is the anointing. Not sustainable.

⦁ Two moves of God; Father and Mothering Movement teaches us how to give (father) and how to receive (mother). The cadence is a critical component as we can give out only what we have received first.
⦁ Kings and Priests, church in the marketplace. There has been a separation up to now between the church and business. We see God planning ahead for action down the road.

⦁ The exodus began with guilt, anger and denial. How did this happen?
⦁ Looking around for something to do. It is somehow what God puts in our heart that you do as you ‘go be you!’

Five reasons noted for leaving

1. Abusive authority
2. Not meeting needs (they are all being met outside the church)
3. Justice oriented
4. Business, economic unreality
5. No clue why, you just find yourself one of ‘them’

2004 to present day, The Mercy Season - the stages leading up to this season are as follows:
⦁ The Apostolic Era -RG of Prophet
⦁ Centuries of Persecution- RG of Servant
⦁ Monastic Era- RG of Teacher
⦁ Renaissance- RG of Exhorter
⦁ Great Century of Missions- RG of Giver
⦁ Leadership, Measurables- RG of Ruler

what is the defining characteristic of the mercy season?


What we no longer have are

  • Slick polished performance based meetings covering up our dysfunction- we deal with it.
  • Serving organizations out of loyalty
  • Submitting to abuse in the name of godliness

What we DO have is sons walking alone, building, yet lacking the synergy that comes from community of working and walking together.

The question/challenge on the table is:

“Can we build those living structures that allows sons to partner together to get the synergy of community relationships without having structures that rapidly deteriorate into control, authoritarianism.”

This is the why of the Grand Exodus from church. God is raising up a new army. We are seeing the merging of the Fathering Movement and Church in the Marketplace coming together, merging into one stream. As we head into multiple ticking time bombs, God is getting ready for it.

In the light of church history, we are getting ready for something really big.


The LAC signs are:

·         Decentralization- there is no leader

·         Design based, as each one of us dominates a small niche in our area of expertise.

·         Have learned to hear God directly

·         They don’t need structures, they can move NIMBLY

Noble subjects, we are privileged to be in this season, to be a part of something so big it will rewrite human and church history. Each of us have been designed for this season, for such a time as this.

questions for discussion

Why do you think this historical overview is important to us? What sense does it leave you with after pondering this topic?

I love the definition of the mercy season. Can you give an example of 'smelling the fragrance of Christ?'

We are on a continuum. Where are you presently? Is there something you can share to encourage the group or need encouragement in?

Do you have something to share about this topic?

We would love to hear from you

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