High on the goodness of God

by Sharon

I am so high on the goodness of God ( actually slowly coming down bit now). That high I could not even clean. (And boy, I need to clean at the moment) It is wow this presence of the goodness of God. It is like I am in a daze. Over the last few days I have had to deal with a few things. Come to terms with stuff. Heart braking things, and as I have done so, there is this peace and joy that is forming in the foundation of who I am.

This morning something lifted as I accepted more of a hard situation, and with that was able to go to an exercise class. Something I have not been able to do for years. I could also too continue on with the study group with sapphire connect.
Something which I have not been able to do for almost 2 weeks. And I could feel the goodness of God rising.

But then I got some Good news, news about how much God is caring and looking after me...and it is like I am in a daze. It is wow...I can feel like there is tears of joy rising up within me.

As I was thinking of how much God is looking after me, I was thinking of when Arthur said one time how God told him he needed to get onto His (God) wave length to see the goodness of God. I so much understand this now, in a very real way.

I love you Dad, and thank you so much for your care and love of me. WOW. My heart is overflowing with your kindness and goodness and love. you so very much care for us....thankyou........thankyou.....

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