by Cvandz

Hey, way to break the ice. I was wondering if anyone was going to comment. (Says the one who hasn't commented yet. I'm just gonna be honest, I really want to do this, but I am much better in person and much prefer to see the face of the person of me, and definitely more likely to share via talking than typing! I originally thought this was going to be by webcam until I was informed that wasn't the format at this time for now for various reasons. I just thought I'd put this out there...I am up for meeting ppl on Skype. If you, or anyone else reading this is interested in trying that, shoot me an email cvandz@gmail.com and we can exchange Skype names (I'm probably around for the next few hours today if thats the case). If thats weird, I get that, I just almost think its more weird to be communicating with people I've never met via typing! That said, I really want to connect with people! It doesnt have to be super long, I just think it would be good to introduce like you would in person and see where it goes. What do people think? Anyways. Blessings Have a good day

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Jul 25, 2016
Hi Cvandz
by: Denise

Sorry, I don't/never have used skype but I understand about the "public" webpage and the "unknown" factor. I'm venturing out of a totally fear based hidden/anonymous world so deciding to do this was/is a step of boldness on my part. So, yes, I'd rather it was a private type group but I'm choosing to trust God to cover and protect it and all that is shared. I've also learned to trust the heart behind the SLG tribe, so for today, I'm sharing (as freely as I am able).
Where as you like face to face, I appreciate being able to edit (read that as "control") what comes out of my mouth by typing.
I hope you are able to connect with other skypers but also, as you feel safe doing so, please share any treasured nuggets of wisdom here for us "non-showing our face on camera" folks. :-)
PS: I think you've already done a great job typing and sharing.

Jul 25, 2016
i understand..
by: lois

yes, I most certainly will let you know. glad you liked the overview. this is not my forte and it was hit or miss. hopefully more hits than misses.
be blessed, friend.

Jul 25, 2016
thanks ;)
by: cvandz

Thanks Lois ;) Yeah, I don't know how much I'll be contributing here in typing, I would really like to connect, but its also a public webpage and I don't know who I'm talking to, and I much prefer talking to typing, which is why I'd really like to try a group Skype call (I can't think of any other way to do that, thats not directly in person). So I know thats not in the works right now, but if the likelihood of it happening changes, keep me posted ;)

PS I like how you've typed up the overview and questions tho;) Its nice to have the quick summary to look back on and to have some questions to spur on interaction ;) I'm sorry I may not be contributing much in this format :( We'll see if anyone gets back to me ;) Blessings ;)

Jul 25, 2016
hi cvandz
by: lois

someone did beat you to it!
there are so many different ways to connect... in the meantime hope to see you here again.

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