Healing for head pain

by Joyce McLain
(Jonesville, MI USA)

I have had migraines since I fell from the car at age three.I have been to a professional therapist, chiropractor, medical doctor, pain clinic with pain blocking shots; massage, MRI, deliverance minister, Elijah House ministers (1998 for full healing, and about 2010 for a visit), etc. there are bulging discs between 5-6 and 6-7 in my neck with two bone spurs.

the past few years it has been much worse, with constant head pain. My jaw hurts (have a TMJ apparatus, which makes it somewhat better, but not gone. Sometimes I feel dizzy, like yesterday just walking through the room. I think the bone spur is pinching a nerve. I had a pain blocking shot in the nerve a month ago.

I have bone in the underside of my teeth at the bottom of my mouth. This was caused from stress. I resigned from the board I was on, hoping it would help. I was still connected with the board as a few members went into the crisis pregnancy center and prayed to cleanse it. My friend became president and cleaned up the mess with the director, who had to be fired. My friend and I are still friends and are in a Bible study together. This is a shortened version, but I feel like the enemy has been trying to kill me off for years.

My husband and I do inner healing and deliverance (20 years now), and enjoy our clients for the time that we see them (usually three months). I am in a local Bible study with friends and that is going well (doing Hosting the Presence by Bill Johnson). We are involved with church and teaching there from time to time. I am also in an online prayer group with some Europeans (I am from Michigan USA), and I love that so much.

I know that my daughter in law has been cursing me for years and wonder if that is at the bottom of this. It is not just me that she does this to. Those are the stresses in my life. I have forgiven her, but every time I see her she falsely accuses me of something, as she does others. I have even prayed the Victim Spirit prayers by Arthur.

thank you for any help you can give. Joyce McLain

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Mar 05, 2018
the answers you see. the healing you need.
by: lois

Joyce, are you on facebook? i am asking because there is a closed group of noble subjects on Arthur Burk-Plumbline Ministries. i would suggest you post this also there if you would like some good feedback.


i will stand with you believing that this will be the year of the answers you seek and the healing you need. no ands, if or buts about it.

there is a prayer that i can direct you to..


standing with you (having done all.. stand. eph 6)

Mar 05, 2018
Head pain and curses
by: Anonymous

There are many ministries - we have drawn from 40 over our 50 years. A discovery court via a Seer as opposed to one with only words of knowledge might help. Some people are wrongly called seers.. If a person cannot see an action replay of a significant event in the last 4,500 years of your generations, they are unlikely to be of use in a discovery court.

Mar 05, 2018
I am on Plumbline
by: Anonymous

I contacted David, and he prayed a blessing your spirit type prayer. Slight let-up for a day. No change. He said he would call next week (web cam).
A very nice lady named Joan has called me a couple times, and prayed for me and gave me advice.

Mar 05, 2018
blessing you where you walk
by: lois

i am so pleased you were in touch with both David and Joan.

i am in the throes of my own battle which is relentless. no shift as i speak. not yet. i too ping people here and there but ultimately i have had to find rest in God alone. i am thankful for a community that can be with me in my pain. validate where i walk and i have learned how to live

'in the meantime...'

i was meditating on the woman with the issue of blood this morning in Mark 5.

12 years of suffering!

yes, i can relate.

and she hears of Jesus' healing power and she 'pushes through' the crowd to reach him.

yes, i too have pushed through alot of pain to seek him out.

she touches him! and instantly knows she is healed. and instantly, Jesus too knows someone touched him.

i so love that correlation.

and he asks, 'Who touched me?'

didn't he know? yes, of course he did. but then why does he ask?

who are you? where are you?

i was so touched by the idea that Jesus had a message for her because the most dramatic thing that happened, still has not happened yet. NO, her healing was NOT the most important thing!

' I was the one who touched you!' she spoke up trembling with fear.

another thing to push through- her fear! (in her unclean state, she was not to touch anyone, said the law of Moses)

"Daughter" Jesus begins. because you dared to believe (or push through) your faith has healed you. Go with peace in your heart and be free from your suffering.'

so what WAS the most important thing here if not her healing? if Jesus let that moment go and she had her healing but got lost in that crowd?

it was the moment of intimacy that Jesus initiated just for this woman. he stopped everything to speak directly to her.

and to you, Joyce and to me and to ALL his daughters. because although we want to fix things and relieve our pain (and rightly so) we don't want just our healing, only to be lost in the crowd.

i don't want to miss God's heart for intimacy. 12 years on.. she was stretched and so are you and so am i. we are ALL stretched!

i bless you, Daughters, to push through, for the joy set before you, knowing he is with you and can and will speak a word that changes everything. do not lose heart. you are amazing at the perseverance shown with the hard road you have walked and continue to do so AND be life-giving!

i ask that the miracle of this woman will also be our miracle. you can reach down into us all in a variegated way and touch us in our deepest time of need. do so now, i ask in your name.

Mar 06, 2018
thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you, Lois. yes, I have pressed through in spite of all the pain. thank you for that word of encouragement! Lovingly, Joyce McLain

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