Have You Been Deemed Judgmental, Rebellious or Independent?

by anonymous

Father, I come now before you, acknowledging that there is such thing as rebellion. I acknowledge such a thing as a judgmental spirit but I also acknowledge and I proclaim that I've experienced the fact that cowards who don't want to receive the truth use that as a cuss word, hiding behind their incompetence by attacking the messenger, when the messenger is rightly heard.

Father, I ask that You would sit in judgment now on all the words that have been said, thought or written about me. From the time I was conceived to the present. Would you open the books and for everybody that has talked about me, especially authorities, bring those words before Your throne. I ask You to sort them Father into things that are right, just and true, and things that are not. And I ask You to destroy the power of those words that are not true, right, nor just. I ask You to strip away the devouring of my spirit, the devouring of my discernment, the devouring of the joy of my soul, the devouring of my reputation in some circles over those large groups of people that have agreed together that I am judgmental, rebellious and independent.

Father, destroy the power of the curses that have been spoken against the discernment that You chose to give me. And then Father, I ask You to come into agreement with all the words that are left. Everything that is true, right and just that's ever been said or written or thought about me. I ask You to come into agreement with those words and that You would multiply the force of those words, that You would put around me a shield of honor as You come into agreement with the fact that You have positioned me in the culture to see things.

Father, I have a narrow spectrum. There is an area that You have called me to see and to speak into. I am not just a random Rambo. I am a woman with perspective from the heart of God to see trouble that is coming, and I have the calling to protect. I bless my calling. I ask that You would imprint upon my spirit, and on my forehead, the noble title of protector, someone who see out ahead, someone who sees troubles coming. And out of my heart of compassion and a foundation of wisdom, alerts the leaders that You have put in place that they can prevent the damage that's coming.

I ask You Most High God to come into agreement today with Your design for me, your daughter, whether anyone else on earth ever agrees or supports it, let Your agreement with the calling You've given me and the discernment You've given me be validated. Father, I know that my soul doesn't have the data to support what my spirit feels. It doesn't have to. You have called me to be accurate with my spirit and I bless my spirit's discernment of right and wrong, my spirit's discernment of the future and I bless the Father's heart that's in me to protect.

And sister, I would encourage you to go to that passage in Matthew 23:13 - 36, where there are the seven woes that Jesus rips the Jews with. Woe for this and that, you scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites. There is no stronger cursing anywhere in the scripture as He absolutely shreds their self-righteousness. And then at the end, in one second, He shifts from that judgmental posture to the posture that you carry and He says "Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often I have longed to gather our children together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings and you were not willing." Matthew 23:37. He wanted to protect Jerusalem from Titus in 70 A.D. and Diaspora and says you would have none of it. They would not accept His protective heart.

And it is possible for me to be very sharp about wrong and to be driven by the profound heart of compassion and I bless my deep desire to protect the people I serve from their own dumb decisions. And I call it a good and I call it a gift from God and I bless myself. And for others, who have been cursed with that statement that you are judgmental, that you are rebellious, that you have an independent spirit or that you need to do some work before the King. You need to separate out these words and destroy the curses.

If you have ever come into agreement with those curses, you need to repent for that and say that it's is a difficult walk. It does bring a certain amount of reaction and rejection but that you are willing to walk in the gifting He has given you. You are willing to speak when it's time to speak and intercede when it's time to intercede and that having discernment of what happened on the land, having discernment of what's happening in people is not being judgmental. It's being discerning. And where you've been cursed, I would implore you to cleanse that too.

from Developing Discernment CD

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