Greetings from Kuwait

Thank you for praying for Gulf English School in Kuwait.  We are down to
our last few days of the year and reports are being handed out to
anxious parents.

Many staff members are moving on and the process of leaving involves
handing back the keys of the accomodation and transferring money and
Police Clearance certificates and more - all are anxious about getting
the best deal and worried about money deducted for whatever reason.
Please cover these folk with prayer - for justice and mercy to be part
of the process.

Then prayer for the group of us left at GES: Our leaders to get on with
each other and the owners of the school to work well with these leaders
- that there would be a culture of honour in this school and that the
thousand plus pupils will feel safe and nurtured.

Our new head wants to change the syllabus and so much money will be
needed on new materials to accomodate all the new topics that now need
to be covered. Prayer about the resources of the school to be
appreciated and used effectively is needed.

There will be many new teachers joining us at the end of August and the
paperwork and work visas that are needed are often a major problem
causing much anxiety and disruption as they arrive late and the year
starts badly.

Since my last letter to you I have felt so very much better and believe
that I have been praying and witnessing more effectively which is

Thank you

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Your Mate in the State of Kuwait.

by Liz Sprowson
(Fintas, Kuwait.)

I am a teacher of Year 2 children - mostly arabic ones - they are 7-8 years old and I am finding discipling them very challenging and upsetting!!
Please pray for us as we try to get along all couped up in a small classroom. There are 31 children, myself and a teacher assistant. the boys are very boisterous and have formed 'gangs' - some of them have been together since they were 3 yrs old!! the girls also exclude certain kids and it's awful to see these very sweet children eating and playing on their own.

Thank you,
Liz Sprowson

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Jan 24, 2017
Blessing their spirits
by: Jane

Hi Liz,
An idea for you....
How about blessing their spirits and see what results you get.
Perhaps choose a few, or start with one. See what your spirit resonates with in their spirit and bless them with it. The book Joy blessings could give you some ideas.
Blessings the group with joy or maybe peace!!! could be another idea...
Blessings to you of joy and peace in turn as you engage with your God shaped challenge

Jan 24, 2017
greetings liz
by: lois

hi liz, how did you come to find us here?
i am trying to envision you in your classroom. it has been awhile since i had mine. sadly, this is not a new problem although it appears to have escalated. have you used Arthur's book,Blessing your Spirit? i have seen remarkable results on children using this tool by blessing them daily. especially when they were in my care, the results in their turn around was undeniable.

it would be an easy beginning place.

: )

Jan 25, 2017
re Arabic children
by: Ruth

Dear Liz,

Have you explored the spiritual dimension of this problem? They come from a very different culture and mindset. And given that their parents are most likely Muslim, there may well be spiritual issues to be dealt with.

The Blessing books suggested are very good and practical.

Bless you to make a difference!

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Greetings from Kuwait

by Liz Sprowson

I work and live in Kuwait and have enjoyed Arhtur Burk for quite a few years. 

I would appreciate prayer for myself and the school that i work in. Gulf English School is in Salmiya and it was a very good school at one stage. We have just had our principal leave early because of ill-health and there are lots of women in leadership so there is a lot of angst and bad-mouthing unfortunately!

The school has a huge turnover of staff and this is problematic as many resources are lost and messed up each year. The new teachers are often very disorientated and good leadership at each level of the school is important and often lacking. 

Ramadan started yesterday and it is an astoundingly confused time with fear often being a key element.  

Right now we are at the year-end and reports and marking are the name of the game so thank you for your specific prayers for those processes.

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May 31, 2017
Prayer for your School
by: Anonymous

Dear Liz,

Have you a group of believers there who could prayer walk around your school, praying as led by the Holy Spirit? There's some spiritual warfare to be done and a standing where God has placed you. Have you had any experience with this before? I will pray for all you need to come to you. I'm sure Sapphire Connection could help. May the Lord bless you and open up the way for your school to succeed.

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Gulf English School Kuwait

Hi Lois and prayer team, 

Thank you very much for your prayers and it's good to be able to tell you that the difference between this time last year and this year is chalk and cheese! Our leadership team is in place and there are only a few teachers that are still not in the country.  It really has made a wonderful difference to the feel of the school. 

However the havoc of last year is still being felt as many of the students have left and we will be accommodating lots of new pupils which will be challenging.  Please pray for this. 
Class sizes will be 30 pupils and possibly more in some classes and disciplining a big group like this is always very difficult - crowd control on the stairwells and noise levels need constant monitoring.

Your prayers are appreciated, 

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Gulf English School in Kuwait

A few yrs back you all prayed for us and it really made a difference. Leadership was the issue and we now have a stable group at the helm. As you know I pray for them all to get on with each other. I need covering as I pray for them.
We are in the midst of being inspected by BSME and the pre-inspection has happened and now we are preparing for the main inspection in February. It's daunting to say the least and tensions are running high as we get all our ducks in a row!
I would love to get the Christians on the staff to meet regularly to pray but so far it isn't happening as we don't trust each other enough because of different denominations. It's very frustrating.

October 2018

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